Top 7 Best skid steer brush cutter (2022)

1. HECASA 1/2″ New Unpainted Steel Quick Tach Attachment Skid Steer Mount Plate Loader Bobcat Kubota

  • The Brand New 1/2″ Quick Tach Loader Mount Plate can easily weld or bolt onto plows, forks, or any attachment that you want to convert to quick tach hookup.
  • Weight: 125 lb. Outside width: 46″. Inside width: 45″. Height: 18.5″. Top bar:3/8″ thick .Plate: 1/2″ thick. Its convenient dimensions allow it to be installed and hooked up to the tractor effortlessly.
  • Made of Grade 50 structural steel which enables itself more durable and more corrosion resistant than standard steel. It has a longer lifespan.
  • Fits skid steers with the universal quick tach mounting system and tractors with the skid steer style quick tach.
  • All joints of the attachment mounting plate are solidly welded without safety concerns.Just let our plates share the load.

2. Titan Attachments Stump Bucket Skid Steer Quick Tach Heavy Duty Steel Serrated

  • Skid Steer Quick Tach mount Economical Lightweight Design
  • Serrated leading edge 5/16″ Steel Construction
  • Height: 20″ 45″ Wide
  • 46″ long (including teeth) 20″ Wide cutting edge Weight: 151 lb
  • We need your phone number! For the trucking company to schedule delivery. Without it there will be delays.

3. Titan Attachments Hydraulic Skid Steer Dozer Blade 79″ Snow Pusher Quick Tach

  • ANGLES SIDE TO SIDE: The adjustable skid steer dozer blade uses your tractors hydraulics to set the blade to the perfect angle, allowing you to clear and push debris, dirt, snow, sand, and more to the desired side, while controlling the amount dispersed.
  • UNIVERSAL SKID STEER CONNECTION: Our superior design allows this skid steer dozer blade to fit with almost all skid steers, loaders, and tractors. This kind of versatility creates an opportunity for you to use it across various brands of tractors, such as the Ford 8n, 9n, Kubota, BX, Kioti, or John Deere tractors. This kind of connection is known as SSQA or Universal Skid steer style quick connect.
  • SPRING SHOCK ABSORBERS: The 79″ Hydraulic Dozer Blade is equipped with a pair of heavy duty spring shocks. These spring shocks absorb the impact and extend the life of your blade while maximizing efficiency. Great for clearing dirt on your job site or pushing snow off of your farm and driveway.
  • HYDRAULIC ROTATION: The hydraulic rotation of the blade allows you to change the angled settings without having to leave your seat. Easily set the angle of blades position and begin pushing the dirt and snow.
  • DIMENSIONS: The overall width of the dirt and snow pusher blade is a 79″. The depth of the entire dozer blade attachment is 29″ and has an overall height of 241/2″. The total weight is 570 LB which is easily suitable for smaller tractors that have a lower lifting capacity on their loader arms.

4. Titan Attachments Heavy Duty Post and Tree Puller for Skid Steers Universal

  • UNIVERSAL SKID STEER QUICK TACH: This tree and fence post puller attachment has a universal fit for most skid steer and tractor models, including Bobcat and Kubota. This versatile skid steer attachment lets you take on any landscaping challenge with ease. Whether you need a remover for fence posts or tree roots, this attachment tool makes it easier to get the job done.
  • HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS AND SINGLE HINGE PIN: The Titan Skid Steer Tree, Fence, And Post Puller Attachment is equipped with 2 x 10-inch hydraulic cylinders to power the jaws. This equipment delivers 3,000-pounds of clamping force to pull stubborn tree roots or fence posts directly from the ground. Additionally, the jaws have a single hinge pin for a strong attachment and increased durability.
  • INCLUDES HOSES AND FLAT-FACED COUPLERS: This attachment tool is provided with flat-faced couplers and hoses to maintain consistent pressure levels during operation. These features come together to preserve the longevity of the attachment. They also protect your landscape kit and accessories investment and allow you to accomplish more work over a more extended period.
  • RUGGED STEEL TEETH: This attachment has powerful reinforced steel jaws with rugged 1-inch-thick metal teeth to remove tough roots and wood fencing posts from the ground. These jaws can eliminate 12-inch-wide trees directly from the environment without leaving any pieces behind.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Since this attachment is used in rough or damp environments for landscaping or farm work, we have finished the steel with a powder coating making it more resistant to corrosion and rust over time. This corrosion resistance is essential to keep the attachment in working order for years to come.

5. Titan Attachments 46″ Mini Skid Steer Pallet Fork Frame, Rated 4000 LB, Quick Tach Tractor

  • Mini Skid Steer Quick Tach Mounting System
  • Compatible with Toro Dingo, Boxer, Ditch Witch, Thomas, Finn, Ramrod, Kanga, Powerhouse, and Prodigy
  • All in one frame design for moving pallets and large round hay bales
  • Accepts Class II Pallet Fork Blades, Accepts (1) Conus 2 Hay Bale Spear, Accepts a Pair of 17.5-inch Stabilizer Spears (sold separately)
  • DIMENSIONS: The frame has an overall width of 45.75-inches by 29.25-inches high and weighs 110-pounds. The frame can hold a weight capacity of 4,000-pounds.

6. Husqvarna 336FR 966604702 Bike Handle Pro Brushcutter with Line/Brush and Saw Blade, 34.6 cc , Orange

  • The X-Torq engine provide raw power and excellent fuel economy
  • Delivered with balance 35 harness
  • Adjustable and ergonomically designed handlebar for best comfort
  • The X-Torq engine design reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • 34.6Cc With line, brush and saw blade

7. Titan Attachments 45″ Skid Steer Pallet Fork Frame Attachment, Rate 4,000 LB, Quick Tach Tractor, 2″ Receiver Hitch

  • UNIVERSAL SKID STEER CONNECTION: Our superior design fits almost all skid steers, loaders, and tractors such as the New Holland, Bobcat Skid Steer, and Kubota tractors. This kind of connection is known as SSQA or Universal Skid steer style quick connect.
  • REMOVABLE PALLET FORK BLADES: The frame features a slotted carriage bar for mounting class 2 pallet fork blades from 6 to 44-inches. Easily unclick the blades when only the receiver hitch is needed.
  • IDEAL FOR LIGHTWEIGHT TOWING: Convert your skid steer or tractor into a towing machine with this handy receiver mount. It features a standard 2-inch trailer hitch that lets you tow trailers and other tractor implements without taxing your machine‚Äôs power or lift capacity.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This frame is rated at a 4,000-pound capacity, allowing you to tackle even the toughest jobs while providing rust resistance to the steel from weather elements.
  • DIMENSIONS: This durable pallet fork frame is 45.5-inches long and stands 19-inches tall. The frame provides adjustable fork blade placement along the carriage bar and a standard trailer hitch. The frame alone weighs 100-pounds.

8. Titan Heavy Duty Skid Steer Utility Hitch Attachment

  • Fits skid steers with the universal quick tach mounting system and tractors with the skid steer style quick tach.
  • 2″ Receiver Allows for many implements to be used.
  • Heavy Duty Reinforced Gusset.
  • 2 Hooks on either side of the attachment allow you to secure your load with a chain.
  • Width: 45.5″

9. Pallet Forks Attachment for Tractors and Loaders, Skid Steer, Quick Tach, 46″

  • TRANSPORT GOODS WITH EASE: Skip the heavy lifting and let your tractor do the work! This pallet fork attachment makes it easier to move and transport hefty items. While using the pallet fork, you can haul logs, lumber, timber, and firewood. You can also install fence posts. Use this pallet fork to clear debris and brush as well as move hay bales. The versatility of this fork is endless.
  • EASY INSTALLATION WITH QUICK TACH: At Titan Attachments, we make hooking up tractor implements simple. This pallet fork features a universal skid steer style quick tach, so you can easily attach it to your tractors bucket. Simply slide your loader quickhitch pins into the slots located on the lower back side of the attachment, and youre all set.
  • DURABLE BLADES: For many jobs, your blades will need to be strong and durable. Thats why we designed this pallet fork with heavyduty steel construction. The tines measure 46″ L x 2″ H x 4″ W on this fork, allowing them to accommodate several different projects. Haul, move, and transport goods of all kinds. Order today.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MOWERS: This pallet fork features a universal design that is compatible with most lawn tractors, loaders, and mowers, like models from New Holland, Kubota, and others. The buckle works with chains up to 0.5inch to secure loads. This pallet fork is an essential piece of farm equipment to help you start moving supplies.
  • DIMENSIONS: Our sturdy fork tines are 46″ L x 2″ H x 4″ W and weigh approximately 95 lbs. Overall, the attachment weighs about 229 lbs. The fork blades are set 20.75″ apart. These pallet forks can support an overall weight capacity of 2,600 lbs. When you order these pallet forks, you will need to provide your phone number so the trucking and shipping company can schedule delivery.

10. Heavy Duty 8mm Skid Steer Uni-Loader Snow Tire Chains Twist Link Hardened 10-16.5 Made in The USA

  • Fit’s 10-16.5 Made in USA Ships VIA USPS
  • 8 mm Heavy Duty chains for Industrial use
  • Laclede Chain is ISO 9001 certified and a proud, long time member of the NACM. We manufacture and import tire chains built to NACM specifications
  • Made in The USA

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