Top 7 Best pot for philodendron (2022)

1. Heart Leaf Philodendron cordatum – 2 Plants – World’s Easiest Houseplant-3″ Pots

  • Proper name: Philodendron cordatum
  • Grows almost anywhere in the house, except full sun
  • Keep soil evenly moist, but not wet or dry
  • Great in a hanging pot
  • Immediate shippping

2. Philodendron Birkin – Live Plant in a 4 Inch Growers Pot – Philodendron Hybrid – Extremely Rare Indoor Air Purifying Houseplant

  • One of the many beautiful philodendron plants used for ornamental purposes, Philodendron Birkin is another great addition to the collection. The gorgeous green, glossy leaves have slight variegation on them as they mature. This makes their appearance unique and helps them stand out from the crowd. Apart from this, the plant has pretty easy care routines and minimal requirements.
  • The plant is famous for its gorgeous, stunning foliage. It has dark green leaves with a glossy finish and variegation on its surface. They have hints of green and cream color creatively merged in the form of stripes. The said leaves can grow as long as 20 centimeters and are oval-shaped.
  • The Birkin grows to become a compact plant of rounded leaves which display dramatic pinstripe variegated lines across their face. The height of the mature Birkin is something that is yet to be confirmed. Different sites have published an estimated height of 50cm – 100cm.
  • With its stunning foliage you will want to position your plant in a predominant spot, but remember to ensure it has moderate to bright indirect light to keep you plant happy and healthy.
  • The Birkin will tolerate our dry indoor conditions, but thrives in humidity as most Philodendrons do. A misting from time to time would be welcomed.

3. Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ (4″ Pot)

  • Live Arrival Guarantee (when your temps are above 32°F and below 85°F)
  • Beautiful Orange Foliage!
  • Very Easy To Grow HOUSEPLANT
  • 4” Pot

4. Wekiva Foliage Monstera Deliciosa – Live Plant in a 10 Inch Pot – Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa – Beautiful Clean Air Indoor Plant

  • Grown, packaged and shipped exclusively by Wekiva Foliage. Split-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plant, or windowleaf (Monstera deliciosa) is a tropical plant native to rainforests of Central America from southern Mexico to Panama, and commonly grown as a foliage houseplant.
  • It has glossy, heart-shaped or rounded leathery leaves that develop deep clefts and oblong perforations as they grow older. The leaves may be as much as 18” wide on foot-long leafstalks.
  • As a houseplant, split-leaf philodendron does best in bright light in summer and direct sun in winter. It can be grown under florescent light, but will not develop the leaf perforations when light is inadequate.
  • It prefers warm room temperature and medium to high humidity, but is fairly tolerant of a wide range of conditions once acclimated. Plants do not grow below 50ºF, however, and frost will kill them.
  • Find a balance between sun and shade. If Monstera is given too much sun, the leaves will yellow. If it’s left in the dark, the plant will exhibit something called negative phototropism, where new leaves grow towards the dark, rather than the light.

5. The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle

6. Amazon Brand – Rivet Rustic Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Outdoor Flower Plant Pot, 5″H, Bronze, Small Planter

  • With or without a plant, this pot will add class and sophistication to any room. The exterior is white with an electroplated bronze finish, and the interior is a darker bronze. This piece will bridge modern and classic styles in your home.
  • Clean, simple design and neutral colors will blend anywhere
  • Planter is 100% stoneware with electroplated bronze finish
  • 5.9″ Diameter x 5″ High
  • Durable stoneware pot great for display or holding a plant

7. AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Philodendron Monstera Deliciosa Split Leaf Easy Care Live Plant, 6″ Pot 18-20″Tall, Indoor Air Purifier

  • Also called the “Swiss Cheese Plant” this very popular and easy-care tropical houseplant is famous for its quirky natural leaf holes
  • The vibrant green leaves give any decor instant jungle attraction and also produce lovely flowers that develop into delicious edible Breadfruit
  • Monstera tolerates thrives in medium to bright indirect sunlight on window sills, counter tops, desks, and tables in your home or office
  • Houseplants can make your home more beautiful, purify your air, boost your mood, and relieve dryness by raising the humidity in your rooms
  • This top air purifying plant measures 18-20″ tall from the bottom of the plastic containers to the top of the leaves

8. Heart Leaf Philodendron – Easiest House Plant to Grow – 4″ Pot – Live Plant

9. JM BAMBOO Split Leaf Philodendron 6″ Pot – Monstera – Edible Fruit Tastes Like Pineapple

  • Proper name: Monstera deliciosa. The large split leaves develop with age.
  • Great gift for the home, apartment, office, dorm or den
  • Prefers bright, indirect light or artificial light
  • Keep evenly moist, not wet or dry
  • Edible fruit tastes like pineapple, Home-growth by 9GreenBox

10. Philodendron Plant Live – Xanadu – in 6 inch Grower Pot

  • The Philodendron plant – Xanadu is hardy and easy to grow
  • With its exotic foliage, this Philodendron plant will bring a tropical feel to virtually and well-lit setting
  • The Philodendron plant – Xanadu will grow best in a well-lit location with no direct sunlight.
  • Native to the tropical rainforest of Brazil
  • The Philodendron plant – Xanadu is also known as Philodendron Winterbourn

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