Top 7 Best hookup wire (2022)

1. LotFancy 22AWG Stranded Wire, 6 Colors (30 Feet/9 M Each) Electrical Wire, UL Listed, Tinned Copper Hookup Wire Kit 22 Gauge 300V for DIY, Flexible, PVC Insulated

  • 6 Rolls 22 AWG electrical wire, 30 feet per roll; UL listed, UL testing makes sure that wire sizes are correct or devices can handle the amount of current they claim to be able to. They also ensure that products are constructed correctly for the highest safety. Available in 6 colors: black, red, yellow, blue, white, green in one box with holes for easy pull out the wire
  • PVC Insulation, Voltage Rating: 300 Volts , Rated Temperature: 80 ℃,Maximum Operating Current: 1.5A
  • 【TINNED COPPER WIRE】Tinned copper inner core can maintain copper wire for a long time does not oxidize. Protect them from corrosion and make it easier to solder and extend the service life of the hook up wire
  • 【HIGHLY FLEXIBLE】Due to the fine stranded core, made of multiple strands of wire. The stranded wire is very flexible to strip and solders. Super low impedance for a highly efficient connection
  • 【WIDELY APPLICATION】Our hook up stranded wire kit is suitable for various internal wiring of appliances and electronics

2. 20awg Silicone Electrical Wire Cable 7 Colors (23ft Each) 20 Gauge Hookup Wires kit Stranded Tinned Copper Wire Flexible and Soft for DIY

  • Material : Silicone rubber+0.5mm² High-purity oxygen-free Tinned Copper wire
  • Total 7 Colors:Black ,Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,White and Brown; Wire Length :7Meters / 23Ft each color/spool
  • Voltage Rating: 600 Volts; Rated temperature: -60℃- + 200℃; Bear Current:5.0A
  • 20 Gauge silicone wire – super flexible 100 strands of 0.08 mm Tinned copper wire – Highly efficient – Super low impedance for a highly efficient connection
  • Conductor: High purity Stranded oxygen-free copper with tin-plated, specification features high conductivity, low resistance and soft, can be bent arbitrarily, easy to welding, stripping, crimping terminals,connect,cut

3. Hook-up Wire Spool Set – 22AWG Solid Core – 10 x 25ft

  • Box size: 9.5″ long x 2″ wide x 2.25″ high
  • Weight of Set: 535g
  • External Insulation Diameter: 1.5mm / 0.06″
  • Weight per Spool: ~50g

4. 22 Gauge Wire Solid Core Hookup Wires – 22 AWG Pre-Tinned, PVC (OD: 1.5mm) Coated Copper Wires 6 Colors (Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White) 33ft or 10m Each, Hook Up Wire Kit from Plusivo

  • Perfect for prototyping circuits and ideal as breadboard hookup wires
  • The PVC insulation provides high flexibility, resistance to acids, oils, alkalies, moisture, and fungus
  • The wires are in a durable color-coded dispensing box that keeps the spools organized, easily dispensed, and tangle-free
  • The benefits of having tinned copper wire include protection against corrosion, ease of soldering, and providing the same conductivity as bare copper

5. Remington Industries 22UL1007STRKIT10COLOR100 22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire Kit, 100 feet Length Each, 10 Colors, 0.0253″ Diameter, UL1007, 300 Volts

  • Voltage rating: 300 volts
  • Type: Ul1007 stranded wire (7/30)
  • Insulation: pvc (0.016 inch
  • Color: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange, Red, Violet, White & Yellow

6. Striveday™ 30 AWG Flexible Silicone Wire Electric Wire 30 Gauge Coper Hook Up Wire 300V Cables Electronic Stranded Wire Cable Electrics DIY Box-1

  • Product Name :Silicone Wire; Wire Type :30AWG;
  • Material : Silicone rubber , Tinning Copper;
  • Voltage Rating: 600 Volts ,Rated temperature: -60 C – + 200 C
  • Wire Length :10M / 33Ft each color
  • External Color : Black red blue green yellow

7. CBAZY™ Hook up Wire Kit (Stranded Wire Kit) 18 Gauge Flexible Silicone Rubber Electric Wire 6 Colors 16.4 feet Each 18 AWG

  • Product Name :Silicone rubber Electrical Wire Kit 18AWG /18 gauge
  • Voltage Rating: 600 Volts ,Rated temperature: -60 C – +200 C
  • Material : Silicone rubber, Tinning Copper Prevents copper wire oxidation, increases heat dissipation, prevents adhesion to the insulation layer, and is easy to solder
  • Wire Length:5 meters/(16.4feet) each color (Red Blue Green Yellow Black White)
  • Color: 6 colors Red+Blue+Green+Yellow+Black+White

8. AOTORUA 100FT 14/2 Gauge Red Black Cable Hookup Electrical Wire, 14AWG 2 Conductor 2 Color Flexible Parallel Zip Wire LED Strips Extension Cord 12V/24V DC Cable for LED Ribbon Lamp Tape Lighting

  • PREMINUM RED & BLACK WIRE – Premium conductor and high quality PVC, good conductivity, high mechanical strength features, flame retardant, anti-aging, acid and alkali resistance and dampproof. Premium cable for all single color LED strip light, low voltage single color led strip, light bulb, lamp.
  • APPLICABLE TO – Red & black wire is widely used for various DC electrical hookups, 12V-330V DC, all single color LED strip lights, low voltage cables, low-loss in-home or car stereo installs and great for in-home applications as well as automotive, schools, churches, auditoriums or business settings.
  • EASY&GREAT TO USE: It’s easy to strip and cut into any length based on needs. Wire comes wrapped around a hard plastic spool that makes dispensing convenient. 2 jacket colors make for quick and easy to distinguish the polarity & numbered markings for accuracy.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 100 Feet / spool (100FT Red & 100FT Black), actual length is 31m, longer than described, stranding structure makes it flexible and easy to install. We strive to provide each customer with the highest standard of customer service to ensure you have a pleasant shopping experience. If you have any issues, inquiries or need assistance, please feel free to contact us directly.

9. Houseables 22 Gauge Solid Core Electrical Wire, Hookup Wires, 6 Spools (25 Feet Each), Red, Black, Green, Yellow, White & Blue Cables, Electric, Electronic Wiring, Thin Coated

  • WHAT YOU ARE GETTING: This solid wire kit includes six 22 gauge wire spools. Includes the colors red, black, green, yellow, white, and blue. Great for rewiring projects, experimenting with breadboards, and more.
  • AS MUCH AS YOU NEED: Each wire spool measures approximately 27.5 feet in length, saving you from having to repurchase before every new project.
  • DON’T GET YOUR WIRES CROSSED: The spools are presented in a cardboard dispensing box for keeping your wires organized and in place. This functional box features a folding top and six punched holes for feeding the line.
  • ADDITIONAL SPECS: Each wire has an insulation of pvc 010” with a temperature rating of -55°C to 105°C. They have a voltage rating of 300 volts (R.M.S.).
  • QUALITY THAT’S SURPRISING BUT NOT SHOCKING: These wires are water resistant, solvent resistant, oil resistant, fungus resistant, and flame retardant.

10. TUOFENG 22 awg Solid Wire-Solid Wire Kit-6 Different Colored 30 Feet spools 22 Gauge Jumper Wire- Hook up Wire Kit

  • TUOFENG Solid Single Core Wire 1007 22 AWG Hook-Up Wire: Solid tinned copper conductor with a PVC sheath.
  • Good abrasion resistance and resistance to substances such as oil,solvents and chemicals: PVC Insulation that can withstand heats of up to 80 degrees C.
  • Easy handling,stripping,and termination: Low-fray design.
  • Insulation: PVC .010″.Voltage Rating: 300 Volts,Flame retardant: VW-1.
  • 6 different colored 30 Feet / 9 M spools :Red, black, green, yellow, blue, white,tinned copper wire

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