Different Types Of Paint And Their Uses – In 2021

Types of Paint

Do you want to enhance the beauty of your projects?

Do not know which paint will be perfect for your walls?

Confused about the interior and exterior paints?

Well, there are tons of paints in the market and of multiple bands. You can not know about them all. 

Rather it should be easier for you to remember the types of paints instead. Each of the formulas are unique and they are different from each other. 

They meet different purposes and their performance and durability are different as well. They are either for interior or exterior uses. Knowing the performance features and considerations will make it easier for you to select the best paint for your needs.

Have a look at the types of paints below. I have selected 13 paint types for you which are going to make paint selection easy for you.

12 Types Of Paint:

1. Oil-based paints:

Oil-based paints are the ones which are water-resistant. Their durability is what makes them a unique choice. 

They provide better adhesion to the surface. If you are working on a stained surface, then this is going to be a great choice for you as oil paints are the best stain blockers. 

You can use oil paints in the areas where you are going to need a great stain-free adhesion. 

You can use them on woods, stained surfaces as well as on metals which have a tendency to rust. They are good for trimming as well. 

Oil-based paints are also known as solvent-based paints. The paints will provide you with a great service over years. 

They do not get damaged easily and as a result, you get a great looking finish for many years. 

The drying time of the oil-based paints is however long. Sometimes more than 24 hours is required for the paint to dry. 


Always keep in mind to stir the paint before use. It is because the oil in the paints separates quickly from the paint. 

You have to use a specific type of brush that is designed for painting using oil paints.

This is all you need to know about oil-based paints. Oil-based paints come with less drawbacks and better performance. 

You can get a long time service from this type of paints and this is what makes these paint items a great deal to have.

2. Water-based paints:

If you want to paint on your interior wall then water-based enamel paints can be a very good choice. They are sometimes considered better than the oil-based paints as they are of less odor and easy to clean.

According to experts, these paints have low VOCs and they dry quickly. This is what makes them a better choice than oil-based paints for interior painting.  There are many more reasons than this to choose a water-based paint over the oil-based ones. 

The main reason why people choose water-based paints is that they dry quicker than the oil-based ones. If you want to complete painting as soon as possible, then you must go for a water-based paint.

The next ease of working with these paints is that you can coat multiple times in a single day. As it does not require a long time to dry, you can make multiple coatings over a short period of time.

Want to know another best part?

They are easy to clean. All you need is soap and water. This is why it is really convenient to use them.


1. Little bit costly than the other paints as they are of great features.

2. Less durable and steady than oil-based paints.

For ending remarks I want to say that if you are in a hurry or want a paint that has low odor, you can choose the water paint. There is nothing wrong with the performance. They are less durable than the oil-paints, but the durability they offer can not be overlooked either.

3. Latex-based paints:

We have known about a paint good for interior uses. What about the exterior purpose then?

Don’t be sad, I have latex based ones for you.

It can be of two types. The first one is water-based and the second one is made of chemicals. So there are differences among the two.

The water-based one has all the qualities of paints of such a formula. As in quick-drying, easy applications etc. Being water-based they can be easily cleaned with water and soap. The paint is resistant to sunlight. It expands and contracts as per the heat.

The chemical base latex paints can be good for your use too. The paint can adhere well and dries quickly.

I am sure you are confused about how to find which one is what. Well, read the labels carefully and be sure of what you are buying.


1. Be sure about which one you are buying. They are different as per the painting surfaces. 

2. They are not better than the oil-based paints in case of durability and performance.

To sum up. I want to say that if you are selecting acrylic latex paints, you are selecting a less durable paint over time.

As the acrylic latex paints can be washed away easily, as they dry fast and are easily cleanable, they can be a great choice to paint. You can use them to paint concrete as well.

4. Primers:

Primers are paints, which are of two in one type. They can be of oil-based and water based. You can use the water-based ones with water-based paints and the oil-based ones with the oil-based paints. They work really well on woods and metals.

If you are looking for a great finish look and better result, then this part of the painting is one which you should not forget. You can apply both paints and primers mixed, but sometimes it is best to coat primers first and then the paints. 

What primers do generally is that they seal the surface of the wall for you. The sealing prevents discoloration. If you do not want your old paint to spoil your new paintwork then there is nothing you can do than using a primer. You will get a better result. 

You will need different primers as per the color on your wall. If you want to keep the dark colors on your wall then you will need a high hide primer. You can hide the old color by using the primers of this type. 


1. You must understand your needs before making a purchase. Your paint determines what you are going to need. 

Primers are a really great deal if you want to keep your old paint on the wall. Using such paint will make a coating wall among the old and the new paints. You can use a mixture of primer and paint as well as per your needs. 

Once again! Be sure of what you want to do.

5. Flat paint:

Looking for an affordable paint? 

Then flat paint can be a better option. These types of paint are less reflective and are of less texture. They are generally used in the areas which are less used. 

The paint might damage quickly. This is why it is considered as the least durable paint available in the market.

Being affordable, the paint will save you some money. But, do not use the paint on the areas which are exposed to people or purposes. 

The flat paint provides you with a sophisticated and luxurious finish. It is best to use the paint on the interior walls.

You can also use them on ceilings if you want. The paint is less glossy and as a result, you can use this to emmit imperfections on your wall. 


1. Does not give a vibrant look. 

2. Not really durable.

Do not be sad if you have purchased or used flat paints earlier. The paint might be less durable, but it has its own uses.

You can use this to paint the less used areas such as ceilings and interior walls or less used rooms as it will save you some money and fulfill your purpose.

6. Matte Paint:

Matte paints are better than the flat paints in that they are more glossy than the flat ones. People often confuse them with being the same, which is wrong. There are differences among them in the case of finishes.

Not only the finishing part. Matte paints are also more durable than the flat paints. If you are looking for a paint which you can use on areas that are of heavy traffic, then this can be a reasonable decision for you. You might not find it as the ideal option. But, It is better than using flat paints.

Once again the idea is to use the matte paint on ceilings. It will give a great finish. You will be able to hide the imperfections of your old paints as well, if you are using a matte paint. As a result, you will be able to save some money as well as your painting is done too.


1. Less durable to be used on the heavily used walls or areas.

2. Less glossy than the other ones, but better than the flat paints.

I want to end by saying that matte paints are like the cousins of flat paints and in some cases, they are the better version of them. You can choose either of them if you are on a budget and want to finish your work somehow.

7. Eggshell paints:

You can guess the type of the paint from the title. The eggshell paints provide less sheen, which makes it a great paint for a decorative finish. 

It is easily cleanable. It is also a durable paint which holds up to washing. It doesn’t wash away if you are washing your walls. 

Eggshell paints are a step ahead than the matte finish. It is more glossy than the matte ones as well.

Durability is the selling point of this paint. Not only that, but it is also really affordable paint. You can use these paints to paint your living rooms and other important areas if you want. You will overall enjoy the finish of the eggshell paint.

Another selling point is being easily cleanable. Once the paint is applied on your wall, you can wash them with ease. The great part is that the shine and finish of the paint do not fade away after washing. 


1. Less glossy finish. 

Well, eggshell paints are better than the previous ones in case of durability. They are affordable too. This combination makes them so popular among people. It can be used in your living room if you do not want it to look really glossy.

8. Satin Paint:

If you are a painter or doing research about the painting I am sure you are familiar with the term “Satin finish”. 

Yes, you will find this particular finish by using this type of paint. 

Satin paints give you a sheen, creating a smooth look. Not only that the paint is washable as well. It can be applied to your hallways, doors or woods, etc. 

Satin paints have some similarities with the eggshell ones. What makes them better than eggshell paints is that they are glossier. They are so closely associated that people often find it hard to notice the differences among them. 

Being durable, this paint can be applied on any part of your home. This paint is an affordable option with a long time performance. It lasts long and will provide you with great satisfaction.


1. A great option if you do not want too much glossy look but a little bit higher than the flat coloring.

2. Though similar to the eggshell paints, but of a little bit better performance. 

Do not confuse the satin paints with the eggshell ones. Either of them can be a good choice, but the satin paint is definitely better at some points than the eggshell ones.

9. Semi-gloss paint:

Though there is glossy in the name, it adds a small shine to your walls. It can sustain scrubbing and as a result, it can be a great choice for your kitchen and bathrooms. Not only that these paints can be also used on doors, baseboards, and trim.

Semi-glossy paints are really eye-catching and good looking. It is a glossy paint which increases the beauty of the surface, whatever you are applying it on. The paint is really durable too. This is why it is a great choice for the bathroom and kitchen.

Another best part of these paints is that they can withstand moisture. This is why the paint has a great reputation for using on wet surfaces. The paint is of vibrant looks and it helps your household look more attractive for many years.

The best part which makes this paint a great deal for wet walls is that the paint can withstand scrubbing. If there is a need for such doing, then you must use this type of paints. 


The semi-glossy paints make the surface look glossy. The light is reflected on the walls and you are to decide if it is good for you or not. If there are any damages on the walls, it might become visible as well. So, be sure about it before painting with it. 

To end up, this is a  great type of paint if you are looking for a semi-glossy finish. The paint is glossy and this is why it highlights the color of the room to the eyes. It depends on your taste if you want a colorful home or not.

10. Gloss paint:

High glossy paints are really glossy and this makes your walls look really shiny. You can use them on the surfaces you like best. They can be of great application on wooden surfaces, doors, and cabinets.

It can also be applicable on bathrooms and kitchens. It is also a great choice for railings.

The glossy paints provide you with a great glossy finish to your walls. It provides an aesthetic appeal. If you are looking for classy looks of your house, then it is a great purchase to be made.

The glossy paints are well known for their ability to clean. They can be cleaned easily by scrubbing. You won’t find any differences even after washing the stains from the wall. 

Being glossy, the paint reflects light more than the semi-glossy paints. It brings the beauty of your walls. 

The paint also provides you with an expensive-looking finish. The most common finish which you would want to see in your home. The finishing is really catchy to the eyes and works well if you know how to use the light. 


The paint is more visible than the semi-glossy paints. They might reflect the flaws of your walls. So, be careful about that. Do not use these paints on faulty walls. 

Though these paints have a bad reputation of bringing faults on the wall visible, it has its own purposes as well. You can paint your fireplace, cabinets and furniture etc using these paints.

11. Spray paints:

Spray paints are generally used for craft and art projects. You can also use them for the projects of painting your steel furniture. This is not the paint which you might want to paint with on your walls. So, you have to be careful before doing so. 

Being noxious, the paint should not be used in enclosed areas. A mask should be worn before spraying the paint. It will be a clever thing to use spray paints in empty spaces. 

It is a great method of painting which makes many projects smooth. If you want a quick painting outdoors then spray paint can be a really effective method. 


You must use these paints where there is a scope of ventilation. The odor of the paint might be found disturbing by your nostrils. 

Spray paints are easy methods of spraying for DIY or small projects. The spray paints make it easy and quick for you.

12. Enamel Paints:

The enamel paints are the types of paints which you might want to be aware of. The paint is durable and can go through all sorts of tests. As it can withstand weather elements, it is chosen as a great option by people who want to paint on exterior walls. 

Enamel paints create a protection against getting dinged. This is why you can use them on the interior surface of your kitchen cabinets. It makes the cabinet look good for a long time too. 

The paint is really easy to easy and dries to a smooth finish. It does not get affected by the weather elements by any means and as a result, you get a great protection. Being weather-resistant you can use them on your table and chairs. 

You do not have to use any primers if you are using enamel paints to paint. It takes less time to be effective and this is why it is a popular option among people. 


Enamel paints are with less considerations. Being a quick-drying paint you have to be very good with the paint, as there is less time to solve any mistakes. 

There are less things to consider if you are on to enamel paints. They are really good for interior walls and they help you get the protection you have been thinking of.


Well, this is the end of this article about paints. I hope and am confident that you have learnt already what you needed to know. The applications and the types of the paints vary from each other. The proper selection will reduce the project cost and better the performance. 

So, be careful to choose the wise one for your purpose. if you have understood what I mentioned above you will not fail. Thank you.

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