Best Primer For Rusted Metals (2021) – Top Pick & Reviews

Are you looking for an option to fight back rather than seeing them getting dull every day?

I know how irritating it is when you are doing a lot of scrubbing and taking other measures which results in nothing. 

Let me tell you one thing…

Without professional help, it is not easy to get rid of rust. 

This is why I am here to talk about the best primers for rusted metals. 

You can not imagine how handy and effective a primer is in case of rusts. 

By using a rust primer you will be able to convert rust into a compound on which you will be able to paint. 

Want to know the best part? 

There are some primers which prevent further corrosion as well. 

No more words! Let’s start with the business. 

6 Best Primer For Rusted Metals Reviews

1. Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer – TOP PICK

Corroseal Water-Based Rust Converter Metal Primer

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The reason behind putting this primer at the top of the list is its unique features, performance, and good user feedback.

From the title you might have got the idea that it is a water-based solution.

You can use this comfortably for both household and industrial/professional purposes.

But wait! there’s more…

Go through the features below to find out more about this amazing product.

Attractive Key Features:

Rust converter:

As I said, this is a water based formula. Yet it does not do any harm to the metal.

In the case of the rusts, it does not remove them, rather turns them into a solid surface on which you can paint.

Restores metal life:

Being a rust converter it does not do any harm to the metal.

It turns it into a hard surface, where you can paint.

So you might have already got the idea how it turns the surface into a workable condition.

Rather than dulling the metal, it turns it into a more solid one extending the longevity.

Multi-purpose function:

It does not matter if you are working on a industrial project or working on the metal doors or other furniture at home.

It is suitable for both professional and personal projects which will lead to a great satisfaction.

Great coverage:

The primer comes with a 1-gallon can.

The whole can is capable of covering 250 feet of the metal surface.

Which means, it will spread all over the surface easily.


We all know that water is a non-flammable liquid.

So, the base being water-based there is no question of it catching fire.

For that, you can work freely without any safety issues.

Easily cleanable:

Come on! We are human. We often make mistakes.

If you make any mistake using the primer, then you do not have to worry about it.

You can wash it off using soap and water.

You can use your hands if you want to.

Easy to apply:

Are you thinking about how to apply it on the rusts?

Do not worry about that. It is like other primers.

You can use them using a paint brush only, or if you want spraying can be an option as well.

It spreads easily on the surface which makes it easy to paint and consumes less time.

You might find it easier to use than sandblasting.



  • Less expensive.
  • Can be both painted or sprayed.
  • Pour into a container and brush on.
  • Goes long.
  • Easily cleanable.


  • Little bit pricey and unpleasant chemical smell.
  • Not for galvanized steel.

No doubt, this primer has almost all of the best qualities a primer can consist of.

The user-friendly features, great performance, and outstanding manufacturing makes it a first priority among its users.

If it fits your needs, Give it a try!

2. Rust-Oleum 7769830 Stops Rust Spray Paint – Best For Quick Dry

Rust-Oleum 7769830 Stops Rust Spray Paint

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Yup!  you read it right.

This is a primer spray can.

This metal primer spray is manufactured with an oil-based formula which is highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

Being sprayable it allows you to spray in any directions, and stops from further rusting.

Attractive Key Features:

Prevents rusts:

I know how irritating it is if the rusts keep coming back.

Don’t worry!

The rust preventing formula not only removes rust, but also prevents it from further coming back.

Easy to use:

It is simple!

You have to shake it before using and spray in any directions you want.

You can even spray it upside down.

Easy dry:

Being very thin it dries very quickly on metal surfaces.

It goes easy on the surface sprayed on and protect it.

So, if you are in a hurry, this can be the best deal for you.

It might not run well on new and clean metals. You will find out how smooth it goes without any runs.

Of best value:

While it does a great job with rust, you can not ignore this primer.

It is of great value when you use this primer in case of heavy rusts.

It dies to touch within 15 minutes and it can cover up to 20 square feet.


Might dud:

If you are not an expert with spraying paints or primers, then you might get some duds from it.

Be careful about that before using it on any surface.

Ventilation required: 

It is my duty to forewarn you that, this product should be used outside only.

If you are bound to work inside then be mindful to wear a mask and turn the fan on.


  • Prevents rusts from reoccurring.
  • Can be sprayed in any direction.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Good covering.
  • Good for both interior and exterior surfaces.


  • Might dud.
  • Not good for working inside.

Here is a suggestion for you;

If you are bothered with the product leaving dud, I would suggest you not to. 

Because it depends mostly on your ability to spray. If you can spray well there are fewer chances of this happening.

If you set your mind to buy it then firstly try it on a garbage metal.

So, if you are good at it, do not hesitate to give it a shot! 

3. Rust Converter ULTRA Professional Grade Rust Repair – Best For Professional Use

Rust Converter ULTRA Professional Grade Rust Repair

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I bet you are tired looking for a professional-grade primer which is capable of preventing the metal surface from further corrosion.

Look no further, what you require is just in front of your eyes.

The Ultra rust converter requires no sandblasting, scraping, or grinding.

This primer is highly efficient and capable of removing tough rusts into a paint-able surface.

This primer is a package of lots of cool features. Read the whole review for more. 

Attractive Key Features:

Great coverage:

A great coverage means more surface to work on.

This primer comes with a one-gallon can and it is capable enough to spread over 500 square feet.

This is a great coverage ensuring great finish. 

Rust converter:

Like other primers of this type it also converts rusts into a solid material which provides you a hard surface to paint on.

Do not forget to shake it well before using.

You will be pleased to see when it will give you a professional nice black finish. 


It is necessary to mention that it is an acid-based formula.

This is why you will see the rusts turning into black melted irons.

Do not try to wash the mixture with hands.

It might cause harm, and be careful about your clothes as well. 

Quick and easy:

The acidic base of the primer is really effective on rusts.

This is a Tannic acid-based mixture is easy to apply on.

Just remove the loose rusts before applying.

You might have to wait for 48 hours to let it work properly. After that, you can carry on with the painting. 


The conversion of the rusts turns into hard magnetite like surface which is as good as metals.

For this the surface remains plain, and for this the paint does not get sticky with the converter. 



The primer being highly water-soluble might turn the surface white.

Don’t worry!

It gets clear when it dries.

Remember to cover the surface after applying and you will not face such difficulties.

Rusts might come back:

The function of this product is to turn rusty surfaces into paintable surfaces.

It treats the surface of a metal which is affected with rust. It does not prevents the rusts from coming back rather it converts it into a more strong and durable metal type.


  • Non-sticky.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Can be used for both professional or household projects.
  • Great coverage.
  • Turns rust into magnetite.


  • Does not prevent rusts from coming back.
  • Might cause harm if safety measures are not taken.

At the end I would want you think about the cool features of the product ignoring all the negative aspects.

Workplace safety is something I am sure you are already careful about.

The vital part?

If you leave your metal outside it is likely to come back again and again. If you are careful about it, the chance are less. So, these are not really such big issues to consider.

Let me tell you, there are less chances of disappointment if you use it well. 

4. Rust-Oleum 7769502 Metal Primer – Best For Rust Prevention

Rust-Oleum 7769502 Metal Primer

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If you are looking for a primer which can stop rust and prevent corrosion, then this is the best deal for you.

You can use this product for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The primer ensures not only durability but also the protection from rusts.

Attractive Key Features:


This is an oil-based primer which can be applied on all sort of rusty metal surfaces.

You will happy to see the results after using it on the old rusty surface you always wanted to look better.

Tight bonding:

After applying on surface the primer creates a tight bond with the rust to form a rust coat.

Quick drying:

The drying of the primer mainly depends on the temperature.

In summer it will take you 4-6 hours.

It would be best to let it dry for 24-48 hours. 

Rust prevention:

No doubt, this is a good quality primer with a great fan base and customer reviews.

It works well on coating the rusty surface and prevents rust from coming back.

The twice time preventive quality makes it the best choice among its customers.

Good coverage:

Being oil-based the primer is a great ease to use and provides excellent coverage.

The standard color of the primer leaves with a smooth finish.

It absorbs into any sort of rusty surface. 

Easy to use:

If you are looking for an alternative to expensive primers then you can count on this primer.

You just have to stir up and brush on the primer.

You will be happy to find the ease of using the primer.


Do not apply on rust-free surfaces:

If you are planning to apply this product on a rust-free surface for prevent rust, it might lead to a mess.

Read the instructions carefully before using, to avoid any kind of unwanted contamination.


  • Oil-based.
  • Great coverage.
  • Prevent rust.
  • Durable.


  • Not good for rust-free surfaces.

It is obvious that you will not apply a primer on a surface which is not rust affected.

This oil-based primer is mainly preferable because it prevents corrosion.

That does not permit you do not be careless about the metal after using the primer. You have to be careful and you will be surprised to see how effective it is.

5. TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter – Best For Work-Metals and Tools

TotalBoat Rust Primer Converter

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TotalBoat Rust Primer is a great addition to its kind.

It is not only a primer, it treats the rusting of the metal.

This doctor of the metals turns rust into a ready to paint surface with a smoother and greater finish.

Attractive Key Features:


This is a phosphoric acid-based primer which can be used for a wide range of purposes.

You can use this for your rusted vehicle, tools, outdoor metal fence, doors, etc.

Effective performance:

The acidic based formula of the primer ensures that the rust does not come back.

It also protects from further corrosion.

When applied, it ensures to seal the surface from the contact of moisture and air which is one of the best features of this primer.

Easily applicable:

You do not have to follow a lot of instructions or rule books to get the best result out of it.

Just remove the loose dust and rust using a metal brush from the surface of the steel.

After that apply it on using a brush and let it dry for a night.

Outstanding coverage:

If you are looking for an easy solution for your DIY project or if you are a professional repairer, this is the best primer for you.

A one gallon of the primer is capable of covering 500 sq feet of surfaces.

It is also available in other amounts. Purchase as per your need. 

No expiration:

Yes! You have seen it right.

This product does not have any expiration date.

If you have purchased a lot more than you need now, you can store them for later use.

Rust neutralizer:

There are some people who seek an easy solution to deal with rust.

This product is a god saver for them.

After applying on rusts it leaves a white layer which can be cleaned easily by pressure washing.

This easy solution to rusting problems might be addicted to rust fixing, and lead you to look for rust all over your house.


Quick dryness:

It is a quick-drying solution which takes only 20-30 minutes to dry.

If it is not enough for you, or if the layer of the rust is too thick, then make sure to wet the surface before applying, so that the reaction of the chemical does not stop soon. 

Harms rubber:

Being acidic it might harm the sensitive rubber parts if it is contacted. So be careful before using it on rims or tires.

Be careful:

While using the product you might find it thin enough to be sprayed on.

You can use your old spray bottles for that, but the manufacturer does not support this.

The product can burn your clothes or harm your eyes if it is not used carefully. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Effective.
  • Prevents rust from coming back.
  • Great coverage.


  • Harms rubber.
  • Effects less on a dry surface (Requires to wet the surface before using).

My words about the considering fact about this product is that, these are very common things which you will find in almost all primers.

As there is a solution to the problem of the primer drying quickly, I think the features will make it a great deal for you.

I would suggest you compare the cons with the features.

If you read the full article very well, I am sure you will find it full of benefits.

6. Krylon K06903700 Rust Protector Primers, Rusty Metal Primer

Krylon K06903700 Rust Protector Primers, Rusty Metal Primer

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Are you annoyed with the rusts? 

Are you looking for a formula or a primer to conquer the nasty looking iron pimples? 

Then Krylon offers you a fast-drying formula which dries in only 8 minutes. 

The primer smooths those uneven surfaces effectively and ensures durability. 

After applying the primer hardens itself to a tough and long-lasting finish. 

You might not be disappointed after using this product.


Attractive Key Features:

Does not dull metals:

As I mentioned earlier, the primer creates a tight, long-lasting bond with the metal. 

In no way it does any harm to the metal. 

So, if you are interested to preserve any metal product then it might be of great use to you. 

There is no guarantee about the color though.

Black metallic color:

This is a black metallic color which will give you a smooth finish. 

You can both spray or paint as you like best, but people prefer painting it rather than spraying.

360 feature:


Hold up before thinking anything about this feature. 

The 360 feature does not allow you to paint keeping the can upside down. 

This feature allows you to paint with the 360 nozzles in the horizontal position and the result is professional.

Durable and classy finish:

Durability is one of the features a primer must-have. 

You do not want the unwanted rust to be back again in a while. 

This is one of the most durable primers ensuring a great performance on bronze. 

You might find a great result using it on wooden surfaces as well. 

Just remember to shake it before use and spray for a professional finish.

Professional performance:

The easy-going ability and the good texture of the paint cover old rusty metal surfaces very well and bring back a new look to them.

It also covers old paints and ensures a professional performance. 


Opaque paint:

The color being opaque it takes a few layers to cover the other colors of the surface. 

If you want to see a little of the previous color, then it can be effective.


  • Durable.
  • Smooth finish.
  • Does not harm metals.
  • Metallic color.


  • Opaque.
  • Might need multiple coating to cover-up.

It is an amazing product, isn’t it? 

It is a lifesaver for the metal you want to preserve. 

It does not only deal with the rusts but also works as a treatment for it. 

Are you bothered about the color being opaque? Well, this is not a problem at all. 

This is of benefit if you want the old color of the metal to be visible. Do not hesitate if you find it useful.

What To Look For When Choosing the best primer for rusted metal:

Dealing with rust is not really a pleasant scenario. 

I know how badly you want to preserve your metallic things from rusting. 

The irritating part is that, it keeps coming back no matter what you do. 

There are many solutions to this problem available in the market. 

They might fall in the same category, but their formulation and features differ from each other. 

Some of them are converters, some of them are preventers. Some of them are oil-based and some of them are made with chemicals. 

Among so many options it is really difficult to choose the right product which is of the best help to you. 

In order to find the perfect product for you, keep these simple things in mind below…


At first be sure about the purpose of your purchase. 

What do you want the primer to do? 

Are you looking for a treatment or you are looking for something to solve the rust issue for now, is the question. 

There are primers of both qualities. Find the perfect one as per your need, or you might regret later. 


The dryness of the primer is the one of the most important things you have to be sure about before doing any purchase. 

Because the performance of the primer depends mostly on it. 

The longer it takes to dry, the more effective it is on rusts. 

It might vary in some cases. 

Depending on the thickness of your rust, you have to decide how long you want the primer to react on it.

Read instructions: 

No doubt, this is a must-do for all the buyers of rust primers. 

Read the instructions carefully if there is any need of preparing the surfaces. 

For some primers preparing the surface is a must. 

On the other hand, some primers require a clean surface to adhere.


It is a must check feature before buying any primer. 

See how durable the primer is. 

Because, the more rust you have on the surface, the more durable your primer has to be. 


I am sure there is no need of saying it, still I am doing it as a reminder. 

A spray paint will not provide you the coverage as a big gallon of primer.


This is the point which matters the most. 

How effective the primer is as per your need is a must check as well. 

It is obvious that you are looking for a primer which works, but there are different levels to which a primer works. 

The best way is to look at the user reviews. 

You will be able to choose the effective ones after hearing from those who have used the product.

Final Verdict:

In this century, human lives have become more easier. 

Forget about the traditional methods of dealing with rusts. 

There are so many easy options through which you can put up a great fight against rust. 

Choosing the best primer for rusted metals will be easier for you, rather than hours of sandblasting, scrubbing etc. 

So, this is where I would love to end for now. 

I have said almost everything about the primers already. 

I hope the above buyer’s guide will be of great help and all of this is just to see a happy face of yours. 

Go on! Select which one you need and purchase.

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