Top 7 Best oil for johnson outboard (2022)

1. Johnson Evinrude/OMC XPS Marine XD100 Oil Gallon 3 Pack 779711, 0779711, 0764357

  • 3 Gallons
  • Replaces Prior Part# 0764357, 764357 – Same OEM Johnson Evinrude/OMC oil with new packaging.
  • Promotes maximum engine life
  • Ashless and odorless
  • Smokeless

2. Johnson Evinrude/OMC OEM XPS Marine XD100 Oil Gallon 0779711, 779711, 0764357

  • SKU: 779711-2
  • Sold Each
  • Please verify your own fitment

3. Johnson Evinrude OMC New OEM XD30 2 Stroke Premium Oil Gallon, 0764349, 779725

  • XD 30 Formulated for water cooled 2-cycle outboards and other 2-cycle engines that specify TC-W3 certified oils
  • This exclusive performance enhanced blend provides premium lubrication and extra detergency compared to minimum TC-W3 requirements
  • Approved for pre-mix and oil injection applications
  • Minimizes carbon and deposit buildup

4. Evinrude 2-Cycle Motor Oil

  • Johnson JOEV28073 Outboard Oil

5. Evinrude Johnson 764357 E-TEC XD 100 Synthetic Formula 2-Cycle Oil, 1 gallon

  • Maximum detergency reduces combustion deposits smokeless, ash less and odorless
  • Introducing Evinrude/Johnson XD100 oil – a premium synthetic formulation that delivers ultimate performance in direct injection and oil injection outboards
  • Evinrude e-tec engine owners can cut their oil usage in half – just by having an authorized Evinrude/Johnson dealer reprogram their outboard to use XD100 oil
  • The Best oil for your engine and your wallet
  • Ultimate lubricity for reduced friction and wear

6. XPS Marine XD30 Johnson Evinrude 2 Stroke TCW3 Outboard Motor Oil Gallon 0779725

  • Genuine Johnson/Evinrude XPS Marine XD30 Premium Formula PN: 779725
  • Formulated for water-cooled 2-Stroke outboards and other 2-Stroke engines that specify NMMA TC-W3, API TC, JASO FB certified oils
  • Minimizes carbon and deposit buildup
  • Protects against wear with premium lubricity and is approved for pre-mix and oil injection
  • Use XD30 in general and light load applications for dependability and value

7. Evinrude Johnson 779718 E-Tec XD 50 2-Cycle Outboard Motor Oil

  • OEM brp Johnson Evinrude e-tec XD 50 2-cycle outboard Motor oil
  • Contains carbx combustion cleaner to keep carbon in suspension and away from critical components
  • Protects against wear with superior lubricity
  • Reduces smoke for cleaner operation use XD50 in high load and performance applications for greater dependability, reliability, and reduced maintenance
  • Product size: one gallon

8. Pennzoil Marine Premium Plus Outboard 2 Cycle Oil, 1 Gallon – Pack of 1

  • For best performance, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Formulated to keep your marine engine running clean
  • Also acts as a multipurpose gear oil
  • Guard against harmful engine deposits
  • Protect against piston-scuffing
  • Keep performance-robbing carbon deposits from forming in the combustion chamber, piston tops and under crowns and piston-combustion rings

9. Johnson Evinrude/OMC XPS Marine XD50 Oil Gallon 3 Pack 779718, 0764354, 0779718

  • BRP / Evinrude XPS XD-50 Synthetic Blend 2-Stroke Engine Oil is performance enhanced
  • Formulated for high load and performance applications
  • Greater dependability, reliability and reduced maintenance
  • Reduces smoke for cleaner operation
  • Protects against wear with superior lubricity
  • 3 Gallons

10. Valvoline 2-Stroke Outboard Marine Oil – 16 oz., Case of 12; VV469-12PK

  • Improves engine life through enhanced deposit protection
  • Improves wear protection
  • Controls combustion and exhaust system deposits
  • Maintains torque and acceleration
  • Acceptable for outboards with Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) systems

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