Best Exterior Caulk (For Doors, Windows & Brick) – 2021

If you are reading this, I know about your intentions. 

You want an exterior caulk to seal and fix the cracks and gaps in your door, window, wall, etc. 

The solution to your problem is an exterior caulk. 

To begin your work you have to know which type of exterior caulk is the best suite to apply on the surface. You must have knowledge about how to apply the caulks as well.  

We know it is difficult to choose and purchase the right type of caulk from so many available options in the market. 

This is why we are here. We have done the research for you and came up with the best 10 caulks for wood, brick, and windows. 

So, grab a mug of coffee and let us start reading.

  1. Hydroment Color Matched Caulk – Best For Quick Dries
  2. DAP 00005 Phenoseal White Vinyl Adhesive Caulk – Best For Multi Purpose
  3. General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk – Best On The Watery Surface
  4. Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk – For Both Indoor And Outdoor Uses
  5. GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5010 Advanced Silicone – Weather-resistant

9 Best Exterior Caulk (For Doors, Windows & Brick) Reviews

1. Hydroment Color Matched Caulk – Best For Quick Dries

Hydroment Color Matched Caulk

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The reason behind keeping this caulk at the top of the list is that this is a 2 in 1 product. You can use this product on both interior and exterior surfaces. 

Do you want to know another good part of the product?

It is waterproof. The product is made in the USA with a siliconized acrylic latex caulk formula. This formula is the top-notch while dealing with exterior weather conditions.  

Attractive Key Features:

Joints floor and walls:

If you have used sanded grout in your floors and walls, then this caulk is perfect for caulking along your floor and wall joints.  You can also use the product if you are re-attaching tiles. Being waterproof you can use it to seal the tile of your bathtub as well. 

Brick colored:

Are you tired of searching for a caulk that matches the color of the bricks?

Well, let’s put your struggles to an end. 

The color of the caulk perfectly matches the color of the bricks. 

Are you into a fake brick wall project?

Well, give it a try. It will be the best choice. 

Dries Fast:

No kidding, the caulk is super fast in case of drying. You will get less than 2 minutes to work with. 

After that? Well, do not worry. It turns into a lump of clay. You can still use the texture of it by simply pressing. 

Perfect color match:

Are you planning to fill in the holes that are left after the removing slide door?

The color of the caulk matches the color of the peaches, tiles, and the existing grout. A perfect color, that matches everything. 


Less working time:

Well, the product dries off easily and fast. It turns into clay in less than 2 minutes. You will be able to work then as well. If you are not careful, you might end up making a huge mess.


  • Waterproof.
  • Perfect match for floors and walls.
  • Matches the color
  • Can be used in both interior and exterior surface


  • Less working time

Undoubtedly this is a top deal if you are looking for a caulk for exterior usage. Being waterproof and the color of the caulk make it durable to outdoor conditions. About the consideration? 

If you are a professional worker, it is no big deal. Just be careful. 

2. DAP 00005 Phenoseal White Vinyl Adhesive Caulk – Best For Multi Purpose

DAP 00005 Phenoseal White Vinyl Adhesive Caulk

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This made in USA caulk from Phenoseal ensures quality and dependability which you are looking for. The caulk is good for both indoor and outdoor uses.  It is also easy to apply and clean as well. It is a top deal for hobbyists as well as professional workers. 

Attractive Key Features:

Indoor and outdoor usage:

You can use this product for both indoor and outdoors. No matter what project you are working on. You can seal, caulk, and bond. It is easy to clean up and mildew resistant. 

Multi-purpose uses:

It does not matter what project you are working on. You can caulk around bathtubs, fixtures, showers, wooden doors, corner tops, fixing cracks and gaps, etc. You can also repair white vinyl using this.


It takes a little time to turn into elastic. When it is cured it is able to hold the gaps and cracks for a long period of time. You can use this to do bathroom tile works, woods, etc. 

Doesn’t harm the surface:

This is a great product which does not harm to the surface it is used on. As a result, the sealing of caulking can be redone again. 

Does not turn yellow:

The product does not turn yellow after using it. 


You can paint on it as well to match the color of the surface.


Well, there are fewer things about this caulk about which you need to consider. It might not work as well as the silicon-based sealants but it is the best suit for almost all types of projects.


  • Does not mold.
  • Good for interior and exterior usage.
  • Paintable.
  • Adhesive.
  • Does not harm to the applied surface.


  • Not for cold weather conditions.

3. General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk – Best On The Watery Surface

General Electric GE5020 Concrete and Masonry Silicone II Caulk

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Are you looking for a product which is rain-ready and fireproof? 

Masonry Silicone caulk is a 100% Silicone product that is Sun and Freezeproof. Being a full Silicone product it adheres to concrete, wood, bricks, etc. Not only that, but the product is also long-lasting and dependable.

Attractive Key Features:

Excellent caulk to fix cracks:

This caulk works really well in fixing cracks. It is easy to apply and after initial application, you have to use a knife to work in. It is flexible and flexes with any movement on the concrete. As it is made of silicone, the product ensures longevity and durability. 


Being waterproof the product can be used on a wide range of outdoor projects. You can use it to fix your bathtub where water flowing is a regular thing. You do not have to worry about re-applying. You do not have to worry about the outdoor rains as well. Just apply it and relax. 


The fireproof feature of the product makes it a good choice among the chimney workers. It does not melt away if it is contacted with fire. It sticks to the brick and dries quickly. It also sticks to the stone and the mortar as well. 


The flexibility of the product is the best-added value where expansion and contraction can be an issue. This is also what makes the caulk last longer than other caulks.


This is a great caulk to work with. You do not have to bother much about the durability of the product. The thing which is to be considered is that the price of the product is a little bit higher than the other ones in the market. 

One more thing which you have to consider is that the tube might leak if you are not using a caulk gun. Follow the proper caulk applying guidelines to avoid such accidents.


  • Water and fireproof.
  • Adhesive.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Durable.
  • Lasts long.
  • Good for concrete sealing.


  • Might create a mess if not used a gun.
  • High price.

4. Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk – For Both Indoor And Outdoor Uses

Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

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Are you looking for a caulk with guaranteed durability?

Dap 18128 gives you 35 years of durability guaranteed. It is an Acrylic Latex Caulk. The product can be also used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. It is a good caulk Sealant. The caulk is adhesive as well. It is a paintable product and easy to clean up.

Attractive Key Features: 

Excellent manufacturing quality:

Dap 18128 is a super quality product which is a multi-purpose caulk. The product has silicone in it. The silicone of the product makes it durable and flexible. The product has great adhesion and can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. 

Easy to use:

It does not matter if you are at the beginner level in case of caulking. The caulk is easy to use. The lines come out very perfectly from the tube and you will be happy to see the result. You will get obsessed with caulking when you see the result of caulking using this product. 

Does not clog: 

Do not worry about the product being clogged. If you take care of the tube nozzle and make it clear after every use using a toothpick or pin before putting the cap on, It will not clog. 

Fast drying and easy cleaning:

The best thing about this caulk is that it is easy to clean up. You wash off your finger by the use of simple water.

Another good thing about the caulk is that it dries easily. You do not have to wait for days for the caulk to dry. It also helps you to finish your work and find out if reapplication is needed. 


Without any doubt, the caulk works well on cracks, Gaps in drywall, wood, windows, etc. But, It is not really good for washroom fixing.

If you are looking for a product to fix your shower or bathtub then this is not the product for you. Otherwise, for other surfaces the product is a good-saver.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to cleanup.
  • Does not clog.
  • Dries fast.


  • Not for bathroom fixing.

5. GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5010 Advanced Silicone – Weather-resistant

GE Sealants & Adhesives GE5010 Advanced Silicone

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Everything about this product can not be said in limited words. This is a product which is full of great features. The caulk is made of 100% silicone. Which means you will get excellent protection from outside weather exposure.

Attractive Key Features:

Best waterproof Performance:

Definitely it works better than the other ones in the market. It dries very fast and being waterproof lasts longer than other siliconized caulks. You can use it to seal the window gaps to prevent the outside air from entering your house.

Best for doors  and windows:

The 40% more flexibility and 5 times more adhesion makes it a great product to work with. These features make the caulk the best performer to seal the gaps and cracks of the doors and the windows.


The siliconized formula makes it a durable caulk. It can withstand extreme heat and cold. This is why it does not dry hard. It will not be even an issue if the surface contracts or expands.


If you are not used to caulking, then you might find it difficult to use. For that reason, it would be better if you use a caulk gun for application.


  • Durable.
  • High performance.
  • Siliconized.
  • Sun and Cold-resistant.
  • Waterproof.


  • Need to use a caulk gun.

6.Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk With Silicone

Dap 18110 Acrylic Latex Caulk With Silicone

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Like other Dap caulks Dap 18110 is of great value. The caulk is flexible and durable. It has all the features of all the outdoor caulks. It is paintable and easy to clean up.

Attractive Key Features:

Home improvement caulk:

The caulk from Dap is a complete home improvement tool which can be used to seal around the base of your bathtub and commode. You can also use it to fix the frame areas around any window, wall, etc. This is a godsaver as well if you are woodworking. 

Professional finish:

It is easy to apply and easy to clean. The product is easy to paint and once you are done applying, you will be happy to see a professional finish. 

Goes long:

The outstanding adhesive quality of the caulk holds up with the surface. The reasonable price and easy application make it a highly recommended product for whoever needs caulking to be done. 

Does not shrink:

It has great exposure to the elements, especially water. As a result, there is no need for re-application. It lasts several years without shrinking. 


You will need to use a medium-duty caulk gun to apply the caulk. The tubing of the caulk is different and it is hard to apply using bare hands.


  • Does not mold.
  • Adhesive.
  • Goes long.
  • Waterproof.
  • Paintable.
  • Silicone-based formula.


  • Caulk gun is required.

7. Sashco 10016 10.5oz 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

Sashco 10016 10.5oz 10016 Big Stretch Caulk

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This is a high-performance sealant for almost every project. Like the other caulks in our list, this product can be used in both interior and exterior surfaces. You can use this for areas like windows, doors, vents, sound-proofing, etc. 

Attractive Key Features:

Great performance:

The manufacturing quality of the product will make you buy the product again. The caulk is non-sticky and dispenses all the way to the end of the tube.

As a result, not a single drop of caulk gets wasted. It also stretches as over time with the cracks and gaps. 

Outstanding sealant:

The caulk is really adhesive and sticks to the surface you first apply it on. You can use it both inside and outside of your window to seal the noise coming from outside.

It fills the cracks which others slide through. You can use it to seal the gaps of wooden doors as well. It also lasts long without any cracking or shrinking. 


The caulk is overall a great solution to all types of cracks. It is really easy to apply and dries fast. You have to wait a few moments after application. It goes on smoothly and can be painted over using Latex paints. 


Do not use this caulk for washrooms or showers. The product has anti-mildew ingredients which does not make it a proper fit for fixing the cracks there.

You might not also find the shiny finish like the other caulks. But it works very nicely like the other ones. Paint over it if you want the surface to look better.


  • Easy to apply
  • Paintable
  • Dries fast
  • A great sealant


  • No anti-mildew ingredient

8. Gorilla Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

Gorilla Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk

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This is a waterproof caulk suitable to use on any gaps or cracks. Being waterproof you can use this to fix bathtubs and washroom cracks. This product has versatile uses. The 100% silicone product is durable and long-lasting as well.

Attractive Key Features:


This is a gorilla clear sealant which you can use for almost all sorts of projects. If you want, you can use it to fix the bath, kitchen, auto, wood, bricks, windows, etc. 

Seals tile surfaces:

As I said before, it is a 100% silicone-based product. The gorilla clear product does not turn yellow over time and works well to seal the areas around the tile surface. 

Easy to use and clean:

If you are using this product you will know from the instructions how easy it is to apply. You can even call it a female-friendly product if you want. It is easy to clean as well. You can wipe it out using a simple paper towel.

Adhesive and sturdy:

The caulk goes easy with caulk guns and holds the cracks very well. The silicone made caulk ensures durability and long-lasting performance.


The one thing which might bother you about this product is that it is a bit smelly. The chemical smell of the caulk is sometimes hard to withstand.

If you are working indoors make sure to open all the windows. And yes, do not forget to wear gloves while working.


  • Easy to use and cleanup
  • Gorilla clear
  • Durable and Adhesive


  • Smells bad
  • Might discolor if contact with other chemicals

9. Red Devil 0848 House & Home Restore Premium Window & Door Caulk

Red Devil 0848 House & Home Restore Premium Window & Door Caulk

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The caulk from Red Devil is manufactured with a multi-purpose formula. You can use it on the inside or outside of any surface as well.

The caulk repairs fast by drying quickly. The adhesion of the formula helps to fix the cracks and gaps of wood, bricks, and mosaic tiles easily. 

Attractive Key Features:

Tight sealing:

The caulk is formulated to do a tight sealing around the areas of windows, doors, etc areas of the home which prevents your unwanted outside noises and cold. 


The waterproof formula makes it easier for the product to deal with the outside weather. During the rainy season, it sticks hard to the surface for a long period of time. 

Good quality:

The manufacturing formula is what makes it a good quality product. You can easily use the caulk on your working surface. It is paintable too. You can even wash it off using soap and water.


One thing which must be mentioned that the caulk includes a latex emulsion. The latex caulk performs as per its manufactured quality. Do not expect more than this.


  • Durable
  • Latex caulk
  • Paintable
  • Easily Washable
  • Easy to apply


  • Might turn into clay if not stored properly

What to consider before buying exterior Caulk?

Are you confused about which caulk to buy for exterior application?

Well, it is not that hard to make a perfect decision if you know about the features of the caulk.

Considering the features before buying any caulk is the key factor for any new buyer. Keeping these in mind you can buy the best suit caulk for your project.


The first thing that should be considered before buying an ideal caulk is the durability of the product. Please go through and check if the product sticks well with the surface.

An exterior caulk has to go through many weather conditions. If it can not withstand Sun, Rain, etc. there might be a need of reapplication again and again.

So, check the durability first.

User friendly:

This is a must checkpoint. If you do not find the product which is easy to use and wash you will not be able to reach the finish you are expecting.

If you keep this in mind before buying then you can use it for all the tasks without any difficulties. 


One of the most important things about caulking is how much time the caulk takes to reach the desired hardness.

By understanding this, your working procedure becomes easier. Read the manual for the right information about caulks.


If you are working in a project where you are doing wood-works, tiles, or doors you might not want to use a caulk which does not match the color of the surface.

Look for the caulks if they match the color of the surface they can be painted over. 

These are the four most important points which are to be kept in mind before making a purchase of exterior caulks.

Even professional caulkers keep this in mind while working with caulks. So, keep these points in mind before investing your money on exterior caulks.

Final Verdict:

Finally, you have all the information you need related to caulks and caulking. 

From the best caulks to what makes them best and avoiding the mistakes. I bet these are enough to help you get a caulk for yourself.

Now, keep the budget in mind and get the caulk of the best value to you.

Happy caulking!

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