Top 7 Best ecu flasher (2022)

1. LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner-2022 New CRP129E Scan Tool for TCM Eng ABS SRS Code Reader, Oil/EPB/TPMS/SAS/Throttle Body Reset Diagnostic Tool with Carry Bag, AutoVIN WiFi Update,Upgraded of CRP123

  • 2022 New Elite Version Launch crp129e is upgrade version of launch crp123/launch crp123e/launch viii, One-Click update , 5 Years warranty, Fast delivery by amazon. ( ps .Contact seller “kingbolen” to get free Gift) Choose launch crp129e, more great functions waiting for you.
  • 【Compared with launch VIII, What does launch crp129e upgrade】the launch crp129e obd2 scanner add two more reset service TPMS & Throttle Body Reset. crp129e code reader built with large 5″ touch HD screen, One-Click WIFI Update, make you can use the newest software all time free, battery voltage test, 6100mAh rechargeable battery, AutoVIN scan, automatic generate vehicle health report diagnostic report, data print via email share, google search DTC online.
  • 【FOUR SYSTEMS DIAGNOSTIC + LIVE DATA IN GRAPHING + DATA RECORD AND PLAYBACK】: Launch crp129e diagnostic tool read and reset Engine, Transmission, ABS and SRS system, turn off the warning light related. Live data in graphing, record the live data stream for up to 10, simultaneous, PID’s. Auto record diagnostic data, recorded data can be played back in text format and graph format. Playback supports two graphs (independent) or 4 PID’s graphed.
  • 【5 RESET SERVICE + BATTERY VOLTAGE TEST + FULL OBD2 MODES TEST +HEALTH REPORT PRINT】: This scan tool can do Oil Reset, Steering Angle Calibration, Electronic Parking Brake,TPMS Reset, Throttle Position Reset, performs real-time battery monitoring/graphing . Reset DTC, I/M Readiness Status,O2 Sensor Test, EVAP Test etc. ALL diagnostic data can be record and generate to diagnostic report which can be shared to email then print on computer.
  • 【LIFETIME FREE UPDATE ONLINE + WORK ON 57 VEHICLE BRANDS + 10 LANGUAGES SUPPORTED】: Launch crp129e diagnostic scan tool works on most vehicles after 1996 compliant with OBD2 protocols , more than 57 brands and over 10000+ cars, muti languages support English, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Russian. Launch crp129e code reader support lifetime free update online by connecting wifi, it keep you can use the newest software all the time.

2. XTOOL EZ400 Pro Automotive Diagnostic Scanner, ECU Coding, OE Level Full Systems Bi-Directional Scan Tool with 16 Services Key Programming/ABS Bleed/Injector Coding/SAS, One-Click 3 Years Free Updates

  • 【ECU Coding + Bi-Directional Control (Active Test)】 XTOOL EZ400 Pro bidirectional scan tool supports ECU coding and bidirectional control. ➤ECU Coding is perfect for mechanics or technicians to re-code repaired/replaced modules. ➤Bidirectional Control commands to systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls. ⭐ECU coding and active test varies by the car manufacturer, model and year. 💡Please send VIN to 📧xtoolstore @ outlook . com📧 to check compatibility.
  • 【Full Systems Diagnosis + 87 Car Coverage】 XTOOL EZ400 Pro auto scanner performs OE-level diagnosis like an OEM diagnostic tool, to read/erase codes, ECU information, live data, freeze frame, actuation test and ECU coding for all available car systems, including ECM, TCM, ABS, SRS, BCM, fuel system, light system, and A/C system, etc. ➤Work for 12V sedans, SUVs, minivans and light duty trucks in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. 💡Please check compatibility by 📧xtoolstore @ outlook . com📧.
  • 【16 Services + Auto VIN & Auto Scan】 The reset functions of XTOOL EZ400 Pro professional auto scan tool has been increased from 11 to 16. Including key programming, ABS bleeding, injector coding, oil light reset, TPMS reset, throttle relearn, SAS, DPF, BMS reset, EPB, etc. ⭐Functions are NOT Universally Compatible. 💡Please check compatibility with VIN and the required functions via 📧xtoolstore @ outlook . com📧. ➤Auto VIN & Auto Scan quickly identify car information and diagnose car faults.
  • 【One-Click Update Online + Report Print & Share + Record & Replay + Quick Support】 ➤One-click update via WiFi without a computer. ➤Print and share car diagnostic reports via BT or other methods, no longer worry about data loss. ➤You can select the real-time data you need and save it as a diagnostic record, which can be played back without checking the vehicle again. ➤Provide remote diagnosis via WiFi connection, which is convenient for engineers to help you solve technical problems remotely.
  • 【High-End Hardware Configuration】 XTOOL EZ400 Pro automotive scanner equipped with ✔️Android 5.1 operating system. ✔️7-inch HD touchscreen brings you a clear visual experience. ✔️1.6GHz quad-core processor for continuous and efficient multitasking. ✔️2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-frequency WiFi has faster transmission speed. ✔️4000 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, standby time up to 5 hours. ✔️32GB memory save more documents and data. 👍Help you diagnose efficiently and save time!

3. Autel Scanner MaxiPRO MP808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool with Bi-directional Control, Key Fob Programming, ABS bleeding brake, Reset Functions including Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, DPF, BMS, ABS, SRS, TPMS

  • 🚩🚩【2021 New Version👍Same Functions as Autel MP808K/MS906】 : Autel MP808 2021 new added more OE-Level Functions👉Guided Functions 👉Component Matching👉Online Account Login Service 👉Power Balance 👉Flash Hidden Functions👉Actuator Test👉Tons of Actuator Test👉Key Programming ( All the function above is car-specific).
  • 🚩🚩【Bi-directional Control + ALL System Diagnosis】Autel MP808 automotive scanner can actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing, send commands to many systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls. and access to ALL vehicle systems and subsystems, covers Body, Chassis, Powertrain, Fuel system, Light system,and etc,.
  • 🚩🚩【Best Hardware & 30+ Growing Reset Functions】✅Android 4.4.4 System✅ 7 inch touchscreen✅32GB SD Card(extent to 64GB)✅front &rear cameras✅Auto VIN✅One-Click Update,NO IP Limited! ✅generate/print/share Vehicle Health Report✅Remote Diagnosis✅Data Stream record and playback ✅Maintenance Help.✅ECU Coding,Key programming,ABS Bleed,SAS/TPMS/DPF/Reset and etc,.functions are all-round, reliable, powerful, running super fast, time-saving and cost-effective for a professional mechanics.
  • 🚩🚩【Wider Vehicle Coverage for Repairing Shops & Diyers】Autel MP808 automotive scanner reads & erases codes, view live data, retrieve ECU version information.Full range car models and full car system diagnose make it a professional automotive diagnostic tool. ✅The full connector of MP808K is suitable for old models, MP808 give you more diversified choices and save you 100USD. If you need some connectors, you can contact our after-sales mailbox separately.
  • 🚩🚩【Mechanics with 50 years of experience Highly Recommended】Autel MP808 diagnostic tool automatically identify vehicle information and complete rapid diagnosis and Quick ALL-MODULE Health Report Generation, greatly increasing the productivity. 👉 ( Click $40 Coupon to get Autel MP808, Contact us to get extra Gift) 👍 Autel official authorized MP808 provide 5-year warranty, 60-days return & replacement, and 24/7 thoughtful support.
  • 🚩🚩【More User-friendly Functions】The Autel scanner MP808 stands apart from others in its sophisticated and user-friendly nature. With just a single touch, this car scanner diagnostic tool will automatically identify a vehicle’s make, model and year of manufacture in no time. No need for any manual information input. Also, its fast boot-up, clear and crisp screen, logically laid out menus etc., all ergonomic designs are made for user comfort, which place this Autel scan tool at a higher level.

4. LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 – 2022 Model Full Bidirectional Scan Tool,Full System Automotive Diagnostic Scanner,2(Two) Years Free Update

  • 👍【 ✅2022 Model ✅Faster, More Popular ,Wider Regional vehicle coverage than X431 V+】LAUNCH X431 V (Pro) 4.0 scan tool adds loads of OE-Level features as ➤【AutoAuth for FCA SGW】which makes V pro works with Chrysler,Dodge,Jeep,Alfa Romeo and Fiat after 2017.➤Setting & Changeover (adblue reset, unlock the engine after a collision, cancel ABS driving test, and more) for Benz ➤Modification for BMW ➤Offline Coding ➤Customization ➤Personalization, for worldwide vehicles, and keep growing.
  • 【Bi-Directional + ECU Coding+Over 31 Reset Services+ Active Test + Adaptation+ Initialization + Matching 】: Besides actuate solenoids and actuators for active testing. Launch X431 v also support : Auto VIN Detect, ECU Coding, Adaptation , Matching ,Key programming,Gear/SAS/EPB/TPMS/DPF/IMMO/BMS/ETS/Oil/Brake/AFS/EGR/GEARBOX/SUNROOF/SUS Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector coding .Gives you the ability to use dealership level relearn procedures to complete repairs or maintenance.
  • ✅【2022 Better Hardware 】:Launch X431 V pro4.0 Updated and Optimized the hardware compared with 3.0.👍 Open Android 9.0 OS .👍 2.4GHz&5GHz Dual-Frequency Wi-Fi, the transmission rate is 4Xfaster than old version.👍5000mAh stronger battery capacity👍32+128gb(EXTENDABLE) storage,save more vehicle documents and customer data. . 👍 CPU Processor Updated from 1.4GHz to 2.0 GHz quard-core. greatly increased the speed of running multiple task .👍 8XFaster AUTO VIN Technology.Time IS Money.
  • 👍👍【 5 Years Warranty + 2 YEARS Free Update +Almost OBDI&OBDII Connectors and Cables Included + Covering 99.99% Vehicles on the World 】: LAUNCH X431 V Pro scan tool works on ECU of vehicles covering Asian, European, American, Russia, Malaysia, India car brands up to 150 car brands, 10000 car models . 🔥.Contact seller to Get Free Screen Protective Film
  • 🚗【Real Active Test】Launch x431 v 4.0 car scanner diagnostic tool Features Full bi-directional control ability, to send commands to vehicle’s systems/components, to verify system input/output without using the vehicle’s controls, e.g. turn on the radiator fan, modulate the throttle, open/close windows, operate mirrors, Injector Buz Test,turn on interior & exterior lights, sound horn, test door lock actuators and such.
  • ✅FULL LOCALIZED 24 Languages FREE TO USE ? YES ! choose your native language without encountering any sort of language barrier– English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Simplified, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Danish Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional.
  • 👍👍👍【Support Wifi Printer/ Videoscope/ TSGUN/ X431 PRO G Optional functions 】✔️Videoscop: Check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank system, etc.✔️X431 TSGUN: Activate all sensors,TPMS relearn,Program LAUNCH sensors✔️X431 PROG: IMMO functions for VAG Group Above 3.5✔️X431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reports.
  • 【2022 Added Function 】👍 Cylinder Balance test 👍 Cylinder leakage test 👍 Cylinder Pressure variations 👍 Cylinder Cut-out test. 👍Compression Test.
  • 🎄【 Covering 99.99% Vehicles on the World & MULTI-LANGUAGE 】: LAUNCH X431 V Pro scan tool works on ECU of vehicles covering Asian, European, American, Russia, Malaysia, India car brands up to 150 car brands, 10000 car models .. 24 Language: English, Arabic,Polish, German, Russian, French, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish, Greek, Denish, Korea etc are available to choose,so you can freely use your native language software as you like.
  • ✅【Born To Be Bi-Directional】Launch x431 v pro 4.0 featuring Active-test (Two-Way communication), you can perform functional tests, actuator tests, inspection tests, system tests ,like: Injector Buzz Test,Idle Speed Adjustment,Window/Mirror/Door Lock test, Fuel Pump on/off,Solenoid valve , Open Brakes tests,tank Ventilation,Switch cylinder correction off/on,EGR test,EVAP test,A/C Compressor Activation,Turn on the radiator fan,Modulate the throttle ,cycling the a/c ,clutch on and off,etc

5. LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123X Elite Scan Tool ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Automotive Tools,Check Engine Code Reader with Carry Bag,Battery Test,AutoVIN Free Update Car Scanner Diagnostic for All Cars

  • 【Great Gift Idea For Every Car Owner】This launch obd2 scanner is the top present choice for for Technician, advanced DIY, auto repair shop, automotive engineer, truckman, automobile tech, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic. EVERY CAR OWNER WILL NEED IT! It comes with a high-quality host with a strong box. Get LAUNCH scan tool CRP123X Elite car diagnostic scanner and give your lover a surprise! ( ps . Contact” LaunchDirect” to get an extra Gift)
  • 【2022 New Elite Version, Upgraded Of FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 Elite/ANCEL FX2000/Creader VII+/F】The obd2 scanner covers all basic functions of 4 Systems code reader 💡Fast 7.0 Android, 16GB Memory, 5″ touch HD screen,6100mAh Rechargeable Battery 💡One-Click WIFI Lifetime Free Update car scanner 💡AUTO VIN Scan scanner for car, Battery Voltage Test, Online Google Search, 4 IN 1 Graphing 🚩5 YEARs Warranty 🚩Fast delivery by Amazon
  • 【OBD2 Scanner ABS/SRS/Engine/Transmission Diagnoses】+【Battery Voltage Test& Fantastic AUTOVIN】Launch scanner CRP123X car code reader figure out the cause issue before fixing the car problem scanning the most common systems, turn off warning light related. 🎁Battery voltage test car tools are able to monitor the battery voltage timely.🎁AUTO VIN technology can identify vehicle make, model, and year information to shorten the vehicle navigation process. Feel free to enter the VIN data manually.
  • 【Lifetime Free Update Scan Tool &Over 100000+ Vehicle Models】One-click Wi-Fi update for fixing more bugs, keep the newest software all time and Upgrade new make up to 2022 models, including cars, SUVs, minivans, 12v light-duty trucks. This car diagnostic scanner for all cars, works on 1996 and newer OBDII vehicles, covering Asian, European, American, Indian car brands. Over 57 car brands, Cover OBD2/EOBD/JOBD vehicle,⚠️Note: For 4 systems diagnostics, work better with cars in 2006 or later.
  • 【2 IN1 Tools for Mechanics&Health Report Record, Playback and Print】This obd2 scanner performs 10 OBD2 functions to read/clear OBD2 system faults, check if your car is ready for annual emission test through I/M readiness, live data in graph(merge 4 PIDs in one) Freeze Frame data, On-Board monitor test(mode 6),EVAP test (mode 8), Component Test, Modules Present, and DTC Lookup, and turning off warning lights. ALL diagnostic data can be recorded and can be shared to email then print on a computer.
  • 【No Extra Software Fee Diagnostic Scanner+ Online Technical Feedback And Support】With Online FEEDBACK, LAUNCH Engineer will provide professional solutions for your issues in time. This mechanic tool is a great gift idea for your father, husband, brother, or boyfriend.This scan tool comes with FREE lifetime update, to keep diagnostic software updates and coverage additions being constant with no extra charge. This will save you a lot for the updates usually would cost over a hundred bucks a year.
  • 【5-Year Warranty Car Diagnostics Scanner&10 Language Free To Use】 Launch CRP123X scan tool supports most car makes from worldwide which are all free. Choose your native language without encountering any sort of language barrier–English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Japanese, and Korean. 60-month warranty for any quality problems. please contact us for the support!

6. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 Scan Tool, Bi-Directional Automotive Scanner, 2022 Upgraded of X431 PROS V, 31+ Reset Service, AutoAuth for FCA SGW, ECU Coding, OE-Level All System Diagnostic Tool, Free Update

  • 🆚【2022 Elite OE-Level Diagnostic Scanner, Upgrade of X431 PROS V4.0】Launch X431 V+ PRO 4.0 Scan Tool continuous update software and program such as Odometer Write, AutoAuth for FCA SGW, ECU Online Coding Guided Functions, Variant Coding, Maintenance Mode Service Procedures, Ride Height Calibration, Control Unit Reprogramming, Flash Hidden Function, ECU Substitution, Offline Coding, Modification for BMW, Customization and Personalization for worldwide vehicle brands, and keep growing.
  • 👍【ECU Coding & Replacement & Online Coding】Launch Scanner X431 V+ supports the ECU replacement function, helps you match, learn, or code the newly replaced ECU. The coding function is used to re-flash the vehicle controlled modules, this diagnostic scanner helps you flash the hidden features, or disable the annoying functions, and reprograms the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements. ECU coding enables multiple car systems to recognize each other.
  • 🚗【31+ Reset Functions & AUTO VIN】Launch X431 V+ diagnostic scanner perform 31+ services to meet all your needs. The scan tool is competent to perform ABS Bleeding, IMMO, Injector coding, SAS, BMS, ETS, Oil, TAD, Reset WIN, Power Balance, VGT Learn, Tire Reset, Language Change Fuel System, Light System, and A/C system, etc. And the automotive diagnostic scanner supports one-click Auto VIN to automatically identify the car make, module, and year, saving the hassle of manual operation.
  • 🚗【Bi-Directional Scanner & Full Systems Diagnosis for 99.99% Vehicle】This bi-directional scanner can send commands to many systems/components to test working status, without using the vehicle controls LAUNCH scanner can read/erase codes, live data, ECU information, active test, adaptation, matching for all systems, including ECM, TCM, SRS, BCM, TPMS, etc. work on over 150+ US, European and Asian and Malaysia, Indian makes and models up to 2021, Cover OBD1/OBD2/EOBD/JOBD vehicle.
  • 🆚【Better Hardware, Wider Regional Vehicle Coverage than X431 V PRO】Same functions as Autel MK906BT obd2 scanner but is faster, As an upgraded scanner of X431 PROS V, LAUNCH X431 V+ scan tool based on Android 9.0 system, 10.1in touch screen,7000mAh rechargeable battery, 3G ROM, 32+128GB(EXTENDABLE) storage, One-Click Wi-Fi free update, 4X faster transmission rate, greatly increased the speed of running multiple tasks. 8XFaster AUTO VIN Technology, Fix bugs, and Update car software to 2021
  • 🚗【Support Extension Modules for More Vehicle Inspections】: LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 supports extended modules (needs to buy additionally): ADAS mobile/PRO: perform ADAS calibration operations : X431 HD Module (for gasoline vehicles &24V Diesel Trucks): Videoscope (check unseen parts of the engine, fuel tank, braking system, etc.) : x431 TSGUN (activate all sensors, tpms relearn, program Sensors) : X431 PRO G(VAG Group Above 3.5) : X431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reports.
  • 👍【5 Years Warranty +2 Years Free Update +Free 24 Languages】 One-click update via Wi-Fi for fixed bugs and upgrade new make up to 2021 models, including cars, SUVs, minivans, 12v light-duty diagnostic feedback/respond, Graph&Record data PIDs, Vehicle Health Report. LAUNCH X431 V+ provides 5 YEARS WARRANTY, 60-days return & replacement. Over 1600+ vehicle models’ service & repair information, handbook, repair case, and operation skills are included

7. LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 Bidirectional Scanner, 2022 Version, Full System Automotive Diagnostic Scanner for 150 Car Brands, 31+ Reset Functions, AutoAuth for FCA SGW, ECU Coding, Free Update

  • 👍【2021 Newest X-431 V+ 4.0 Ver. FASTER/STRONGER/MORE POPULAR】: Based on V+ 3.0 Version, the hareware & software of LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 scan tool improved greatly: ➤Faster Andriod 9.0 OS 👍Support ADAS Calibration/ Videoscope/TSGUN functions ➤X431 V+ has wider vehicle coverage, supports AutoAuth for FCA SGW, which makes V+ compatible with Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Alfa Romeo and Fiat after 2017 ➤Compatible with HD module, support gasoline vehicles, and 24V diesel heavy-duty trucks
  • 👍【MORE ADVANCED OE-LEVEL FUNCTIONS】: 👍ONE MONTH UPDATE FREQUENCY!!! LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO 4.0 diagnostic tool updated loads of advanced features as ➤Online Coding (compatible with VW, Skoda, Seat) ➤Power Balance ➤Component Matching ➤Flash Hidden Functions ➤Anti-theft IMMO Service ➤Setting & Changeover(adblue reset, cancel ABS driving test, and more)➤Modification➤Offline Coding ➤Customization ➤Personalization, for worldwide vehicle brands, and keep growing
  • 👍【ECU CODING (Refresh Hidden Functions)】: CUSTOMIZE THE CAR IN MINUTES!! ➤Optimally code the car by changing some settings to fit your needs. ➤Reprogram the adaptive data for certain components after repairs or replacements. ➤Access the ECU to make full use of the hidden features or disable the car’s annoying functions, like activating the auto side mirrors folding function. ➤Provide excellent solutions for issues of power loss, fuel efficiency, etc. to improve the car’s performance
  • 👍【BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL + ALL SYSTEM DIAGNOSES】: 👍HELP TECHNICIANS TROUBLESHOOT PROBLEMS QUICKLY & EASILY!! ➤BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL: Used to request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions, it can do some actuation test, for example, turning on and off the a/c clutch, ect. ➤It also provides OE-LEVEL full system diagnoses: read and clear fault codes for Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission, Brake system, Emission system,Body,Power strain,Chassis,etc
  • 👍👍【SUPPORT EXTENSION MODULES: Wifi Printer/ ADAS/ Videoscope/ TSGUN】LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO3 4.0 diagnostic tool has built-in ADAS/ Videoscope/ TSGUN/X431 PRO G software. ✔️ADAS: Calibrate a wide range of camera-based & radar-based driver assistance systems.✔️Videoscop: Check unseen parts of engine, fuel tank system, etc.✔️X431 TSGUN: Activate all sensors,TPMS relearn,Program LAUNCH sensors✔️X431 PROG: IMMO functions for VAG Group Above 3.5✔️X431 PRINTER: Print out diagnostic data/ reports
  • 【REAL-TIME HEALTH REPORT +99.99% VEHICLES SUPPORTED】LAUNCH X431 V+ diagnostic scanner comes with 9.0 Android-based, large 10.1 HD IPS (1290*1200), 7000mAh rechargeable battery (up to 15+ hours battery life), 128GB TF card storage capacity.➤It supports Auto VIN Scan, diagnostic feedback, Data Stream record/playback, Vehicle Health Report. It works on ECU of vehicle models covering Asian, European, American, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, India car brands up to 150 car brands, 100000+ car models
  • 👍【5 YEARS WARRANTY + 24 LANGUAGES】LAUNCH X431 V+ 4.0 can download or update multiple diagnosis software anytime and anywhere just click “One click Update”. ➤it is a great present idea for your family and friends,who is a Technician, Car dealer, Used car dealer, Car mechanic, Automotive engineer, Diagnostic technician, home mechanic, DIY beginner, automotive student, backyard mechanic, retired mechanic. Any problems feel free to contact us via our customer service email or message us on Amazon

8. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android, and Windows

  • Turn your iPhone, Android device, or Windows PC into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool
  • Recommended adapter for FORScan, Torque, BimmerCode, Dashcommand, AlfaOBD, Carista and many more
  • Enhanced OEM support for Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan/Infinity, Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Honda, Hyundai, Kia
  • Clear Check Engine Light and get more live parameters (ABS, SRS, TPMS, etc) than any other scanner
  • Over-voltage and battery drain protection, firmware updates

9. Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth, All System Bidirectional scan Tool OE Level Diagnostic Tools with ECU Coding,15+ Service Functions All Software 1 Year Free fits for iPhone & Android

  • 【All Vehicle Systems Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner】The Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner supports all Systems diagnostic function, it can read/clear fault codes, read live data, read control module information, actuation tests and maintenance functions for ECM, BCM, SRS, TCM, BMS, TPMS, SAS, A/C system etc… It can works with most car models after 1996 year of 120+ car brand, All software have 1 year free update. If you met require subscription fee when activation, please contact us with serial number.
  • 【15+ Maintenance Functions Adaption / Initialization/ Matching】Thinkdiag OBD2 Scanner has 15 reset functions menu and more maintenance function under the exact car menu: Service Reset, ABS Bleeding, Injector coding, SAS Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF Reset, BMS Reset, ETS Reset, AFS Reset, EGR Adaptation, SUNROOF, SEAT Calibration, Key Coding etc. Thinkdiag is a perfect diagnostic tool for mechanics.
  • 【Bi-Directional Test + ECU Coding】Thinkdiag actuates solenoids and actuators for active testing, send commands to systems/components to test their working status, without using the vehicle controls. It saves much time to identify malfunction causes. ECU CODING allows you to match the replaced components with ECU, flash hidden functions for BMW, GM, Benz etc. No matter you are private owner or professional technician, Thinkdiag comes with almost full functions which is a powerful tool for you.
  • 【Intelligent Diagnostic Tool with Autovin】Thinkdiag Bluetooth OBD2 scanner makes your smart device become a professional vehicle diagnostic tool, it compatible with android and ios system. Autovin function supports the Thinkdiag identifies most car models automatically. Full system Vehicle health report will be automatically created after diagnosis, report can be shared. Live Data Stream combined Graphing+Data Record better for monitoring vehicle performance and analyze the abnormal parameter.
  • 【Prompt Customer Service Via Amazon Message】If you have any problems please contact us via Amazon message, we will offer prompt help. And we guarantee the quality of the Thinkdiag with a 12-month, hassle-free warranty. We always at your service and mostly we reply to you within few hours. Question about car coverage list, please send car’s info brand/type/year. Inquiry about device, please attach the serial number. Open our store front-page, click “Ask a question” to get prompt help.
  • 【Activation Process】You need to activate the product to use the full software and functions for one year free update. Activation process—Download APP—Register Account—Login Account—Personal Center—Activation—Enter the activation code (the activation code is in the product package, if the product is not activated, direct use of the product will incur other costs). After you enter the activation, and few seconds later full software is available, you can access all the functions.
  • 【Diagnostic Tool Subscription Fee】After one year free update, per reset service/$49.95/year works for multi cars. Per car model/$39.95/year supports all systems diagnostic+reset services+coding+bidirectional test. All reset services/$99/year with purchased car model. All reset service/$129/year without purchased car model.
  • 【User Tips】For the 15 reset services the free update period is one year since the activated date. You have access to the reset services after activating the Thinkdiag Bluetooth Scanner. Due to Amazon warehouse operation mistake you may receive wrong item or renewed item, once it happened please contact us immediately, we will provide best solution. The program function is Not Suitable for every car model, it depends on specific car models. You can message us with your car’s info to check out.

10. BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

  • MORE CODES: To understand the problem with your vehicle you need the complete picture. With an up-to-date modern scan tool, you scan deeper to read, understand, and clear more codes. Access information normally only available to professional mechanics on their most expensive scan tools.
  • REAL FIXES: Get unlimited vehicle specific Repair Reports, generated from our database of millions of fixes verified by Professional Automotive Technicians. Save time and money.
  • NO CORDS: All the capabilities of an expensive scan tool (extended vehicle coverage, live data, etc.) combined with the power and convenience of your smartphone or tablet. No cords, no subscriptions, and regular free updates.
  • LIVE DATA: View live data and monitor your vehicle’s health in real time. Configure the data sources, customize your view with various displays and colours, and log and export live data as a file.
  • BlueDriver is proudly American owned and is the OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by professional mechanics and developed and supported by Professional Engineers.

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