Top 7 Best ceramic honing rod (2022)

1. Idahone Fine Ceramic Sharpening Rod (12″, Black Handle)

  • From the legendary Idahone — Trusted and used by professional and home chefs
  • Made of high alumina ceramic with a grit rating approximately 1200-1500
  • Near diamond hardness yields a remarkable cutting ability for a perfect honing result
  • Quality handles are hand crafted from hard rock maple and come with a hanging ring
  • Sourced and produced in the USA

2. Ceramic Honing Rod, Knife Sharpener Rod Professional Sharpening Rod Stick , for Kitchen,Home&Chef, Firm-Grip Handle(10IN)

  • Trustworthy Ceramic Honing Rod: Made with high hardness material and quality casting technology,our ceramic sharpening rod is your ideal choice for hard steel knives because of anty-rust and durability.
  • Ergonomic and Special Design: The knife sharpeners offer two different grit sides— the smooth for polish and the lined side for sharpener, you can use them at your will perfectly according to your need. Besides,the black coated handle is an easy grip with its nice width.
  • Excellent Sharpener & Nice Edge: Just a couple of minutes and little effort, our knife sharpening rod can produces a smooth sharpener edge. Either tomato or meat, either the fruit knives or the kitchen knives, You can slice them easily .
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for cartilage knives, kitchen knives, fruit knives, chef knives, etc., 8/10/12 inches for your option. The best gift for your spouse or family, who loves to cook and need a sharpening tool for kitchen knives.
  • Attention: Our honing rod will get gray streaks from sharpening as time goes by, but this can be easily removed by water with a mild abrasive sponge and dish soap. Hand Wash ONLY and DO NOT drop on the ground as the ceramic rod will break.

3. Green Elephant Ceramic Sharpening Rod, Lightweight & Highly Durable 11-Inch Shatterproof Ceramic Honing Rod For Professional Chefs and Home Cooks

  • DURABILITY with the highest quality ceramic available on the market – hardness of this ceramic sharpening steel is 9 Mohs (SGS tested). Rockwell hardness over 100 (Yes, that’s correct). Grit #1500. This ceramic sharpener will last for years.
  • Exclusive SHOCK ABSORBING feature – Our unique vibration absorbent design will protect your ceramic sharpening rod from shattering when dropped. The silicon seal between the handle and ceramic together with the plastic end cap are designed to absorb vibrational waves and keep your ceramic rod safe.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE handle will provide effortless and safe sharpening experience.
  • Extremely EASY TO USE sharpener– Ideal for honing, realigning and sharpening blades. Only 5-10 strokes on each side of the blade after every 1 hour of knife use makes it one of the easiest tools to use for keeping your knives at peak performance at all times.
  • HAND WASH ONLY – use regular detergent and air dry your ceramic knife sharpener rod; keeping your honing rod clean is easy. Green Elephant sharpening rod will come with a 30-DAY HASSLE FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

4. Arkansas Sharpeners Superstick Ceramic Rod, White

  • 1″ Diameter Ceramic Rod with Wood Handle!

5. SHARPAL 121H Professional Ceramic Sharpening Honing Rod Steel Kitchen Knife Sharpener Stick, With Anti-Breaking Cap (3000 Grit)

  • Ideal for Valuable Knives of HIGH HARDNESS – Made of high grade 3000 grit PURE ceramic, a material close in hardness to diamond, harder than most of super hard steel that being used by knife manufacturers
  • Hones and Realigns Cutting Edge – Unlike a knife sharpener that takes off too much of your knife’s edge metal, this ceramic honing rod is used to roll the edge back to its original position and keep it at the ideal angle for maximum sharpness. Regular use extends the life of your cutlery.
  • Removable rubber cap to protect a support surface from scratch as well as to reduce chipping and nicking when drops
  • Anti-slip ergonomic handle with over-sized hand guard for safety
  • 3 YEARS Warranty and Superior After-Sale Service: Sharpal headquarters in CA, US with overseas branches in Germany and Australia, aiming at providing consumers with an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a sharp edge. Manufactured and field-tested to the highest standards.

6. Professional 11.5 Inch Ceramic Honing Rod Has 2 Grit Options, a Firm-Grip Handle, Hanging Ring, and Japanese Ceramic. Noble Home & Chef Sharpening Rods are Perfect for Chefs! (Black, 2000/3000 Grit)

  • HIGHEST QUALITY JAPANESE CERAMIC: Our ceramic hones are made with quality Japanese ceramic materials built to withstand years of use and ideal for hard steel knives including Japanese knives.
  • CHOOSE FROM 2 GRIT OPTIONS: This knife hone offers 2 different grit options in 1 honer! Choose to sharpen your knife using 2 more aggressive sides of lined/stropped 2000 grit for particularly dull knives, polish the edge up using 2 sides of finer smooth 3000 grit, or use both for progressive knife sharpening.
  • SAFER DESIGN AND MATERIALS: No plastic or rubber tips at the end of the ceramic sharpener keeps your knife from being damaged or chipped by accident while honing. Our Japanese ceramic is odorless, non-toxic, never rusts, and is designed not to breed bacteria. A ceramic sharpener you can trust!
  • HANGING LOOP FOR EASY ACCESS– We include a stainless steel metal hanging ring so you can access your knife rod quickly and easily in commercial kitchens!
  • MAINTENANCE: Our ceramic rods are very hard, and like all ceramics, are sensitive to shocks. Please avoid dropping the knife sharpener tool or hitting it on a hard surface, as it is liable to break. If you have butter fingers, we recommend checking out our steel honing rods!

7. Mercer Culinary Ceramic Rod Knife Honing Steel, 12 Inch

  • Mercer Cutlery – M14412 – 12 in Ceramic Knife Sharpener
  • 12 in Ceramic Knife Sharpener
  • Mercer Cutlery
  • M14412
  • Black polypropylene handle with ring

8. Wedgek HXT Ceramic Thick Sharpening Rod and Angle Guides, 11-Inch Shatter Resistant

  • Ceramic from Japan. Assembled in Taiwan.
  • 1500 grit, 9 Mohs, Rod diameter: 5/8″ (16mm). Shock absorbing features: nonremovable shatter protection tip, elastic wrap inside handle.
  • Ceramic rod length: 10.75″. Handle length: 6″ (larger than any other rod). Large metal hanging loop. Guides material: plastic.
  • Cone 1: 12, 13, 14 degrees. Cone 2: 15, 16, 17 degrees. Cone 3: 18, 19, 20 degrees. Cone 4: 23, 25, 30 degrees.
  • Find your best angle.
  • Please visit Wedgek dot com for Tutorial. See Angle Calculator at Tutorial to find the correct angle. If not satisfied, please email us. We’ll do our best to make you happy.

9. Cooks Standard Professional Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpening Steel, 12-Inch/30cm

  • Made of high quality ceramic alumina that is harder than regular steel and prevents rusting
  • Rod length measure 12-inch/30cm and 5/8 inch diameter; Long enough for professional use
  • Handle is designed for safety and comfortable to hold with a stainless steel guard cap and ring
  • Ceramic is hard, but not break resistant; Please do not drop on ground or hit on hard surface
  • Wash and brush after use with regular kitchen detergent/abrasive cleanser and sponge

10. Work Sharp Culinary Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod, Gray, 7.2 x 4.5 x 5.2 inches

  • Factory-sharp edges: The only kitchen knife sharpeners using flexible sharpening belts – the same method used by manufacturers to sharpen their knives.
  • Fast pre-programmed sharpening: the E5 sharpens your knives at the touch of a button in less than 90 seconds. Three settings allow you to shape, sharpen, or hone your knives depending on how dull they’ve become. The sharpener automatically turns off at the end of the cycle.
  • Sharpen any knife, any brand: designed to accommodate all the popular knife styles and brands from high-end exotic steels to the most basic cutlery. The E5 even sharpens serrated knives, kitchen scissors, and poultry shears.
  • Built in vacuum: The only knife sharpener with a built-in vacuum to keep counters clean from sharpening debris. Other sharpeners are best kept away from where food is prepared, but Work Sharp culinary electric sharpeners are designed to work in harmony with your kitchen.
  • Award winning design: the E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener was named as a 2018 Innovation award winning sharpener.
  • Bonus ceramic honing rod: the E5 knife sharpener comes with a bonus ceramic honing rod you’ll actually use. Built in sharpening guides set the knife at the right position so you don’t have to guess if you are sharpening properly. Less than a minute of honing before you start cooking is all it takes to keep your knives performing at their best between sharpening’s.

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