Top 7 Best blast gates for dust collection (2022)

1. POWERTEC 70227 6-Inch Blast Gate for Dust Collector/Vacuum Fittings

  • INCLUDES: 6” Aluminum Blast Gate
  • FUNCTION: Maximizes the efficiency of your dust collection system by directing and regulating the air flow from one machine to another
  • FEATURES: Self-cleaning and clog proof groove design to eliminate constant cleaning maintenance, along with an easy-sliding gate, and locking stop to ensure perfect gate alignment
  • BUILD: Blastgate flaunts a heavy duty aluminum construction with a premium steel gate designed for eliminating air leakage, project flexibility and long-term usage
  • The Blast gate Nominal 6” OD openings taper from 5. 83” to 5. 89

2. POWERTEC 70108-P6 4 Inch Blast Gate for Dust Collector/ Vacuum Fittings – 6PK

  • INCLUDES: (6) 4” Blast Gate
  • FUNCTION: Maximizes the efficiency of your dust collection system by directing and regulating the air flow from one machine to another
  • FEATURES: This self cleaning blast gate greatly reduces clogs or chip build-up, possesses an easy-sliding gate that slides through the housing and contains a built-in stop locking stop to ensure perfect gate alignment
  • QUALITY: Made with premium black ABS plastic, this unit was designed for durability and is abrasion resistant – able to withstand daily wear & tear from dirt, sawdust and woodchips
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Accepts 4” ID dust hose, port or vacuum fitting | Nominal end measures 3-61/64” O.D. and 3-3/4” I.D.

3. Taytools 464862 Set of 2 each 2-1/2″ OD Blast Gates Self Cleaning No Clog Aluminum for Dust Collection Systems

  • Set of 2 each 2-1/2″” aluminum blast gates
  • Designed to fit 2-1/2″ ID diameter hose or ducts
  • Direct air flow to exactly where you need it and maximize dust extraction by opening and closing select ducts
  • Open slot at back to for self-cleaning, no-clog operation
  • Cast aluminum, steel sliding gate, locking knob

4. Fulton 4 inch Blast Gate with Double Sided Port – for Use With Dust Collection Systems with 4 inch Hose

  • When creating or adding to our dust collection system, there are a great many details we need to keep in mind. Typically we will have one dust collector connected to multiple machines around the shop. While this kind of works, it can work much better if you could turn off the airflow to all the machines except for the one being used at the moment. That’s where blastgates step in. Simply open or close the blastgate to allow or block airflow to a specific machine.
  • Ideally, the way blastgates should work, is that you should have a blastgate setup for every machine in your workshop. When you close all the blastgates to all the other machines, you increase the airflow or suction to the machine being used. This means that you should see less dust on the machine that is being used since it is getting maximum airflow or suction. This also helps reduce the amount of wear and tear on your dust collector.
  • This blastgate features tapered ports on both sides of the blastgate. The tapered ports allow hoses (sold separately) to be slipped on and clamped with hose clamps (sold separately) with ease. Tapered ports will also accept some tapered fittings.
  • The sliding gate has a built in stop so it will not slide out when fully opened. The gate acts like a shut off valve to keep air from flowing in a given direction when it is closed. When opened, air will pass through allowing dust to be collected as needed.
  • The Fulton blastgate is made from a durable ABS plastic material for everyday workshop use. With an easy to open and close sliding gate you’ll be able to quickly open and close hose lines to concentrate airflow to where you need, when you need it and for maximum airflow.

5. 4″ ABS Plastic Self Cleaning Anti Clog Blast Gate 4″ OD Openings on Both Sides for Dust Collection Systems 73462

  • Has a gate that slides completely through the housing which is self cleaning and eliminates chip build up
  • Both openings are 1.25″ long and taper from 3.85″ to 4.00″ and will fit 4″ flexible hose or tapered dust fittings
  • Made from strong 1/8″ thick abrasion resistant ABS plastic that will withstand abrasive nature of sawdust and wood chips
  • Inside is smooth to allow maximum airflow
  • Built in stop to prevent sliding plate from coming out of housing

6. POWERTEC 70133 2-1/2-Inch Blast Gate for Dust Collector/Vacuum Fittings

  • Maximizes the efficiency of dust collection system by directing the air flow from one machine to another
  • 2-1/2-Inch outlet diameter
  • Easy sliding gate action saves you effort and time
  • Tough, durable ABS material
  • 2-1/2-Inch nominal end measure 2-31/64-Inch O.D. and 2-19/64-Inch I.D.

7. JET JW1142, 4-Inch Aluminum Blast Gate

  • EFFICIENCY: Maximizes your dust collection system by directing and regulating air flow from one machine to machine.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Clog-proof design eliminates the need for constant maintenance, along with an easy-sliding gate and locking knob to ensure perfect gate alignment.
  • DURABILITY: Features heavy-duty aluminum construction with a steel gate, designed for eliminating air leakage.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Blastgate is compatible with most shop vacs or shop dust collector systems with 4” ID hoses for woodworking.
  • VERSATILITY: A reliable extension port for your table saw, miter saw, planer, drill, and other woodworking machines

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